Day 12 – down for construction

The title seem relative… That is what I am listening to as the new apartment complex is being built next door.  Something that has been quite the nuisance since I’ve been here.  I guess, also hearing the sounds of construction could also be a slight trigger.  Not one that sets me in a mood –Continue reading “Day 12 – down for construction”

Day 11 – the 3 month wait

Just wrapped up my call with social security.  Some good news – some discouraging news.  This process for disability is a 3 month long process.  So what’s happens now?  I have my businesses up and running – but still working on getting customers and generate revenue but I’m also still trying to figure out howContinue reading “Day 11 – the 3 month wait”

Day 1 – My path to recovery – my life with Complex PTSD

I have had one of the worse weeks emotionally of my life.  Something the EAP counselor is calling a breakthrough.  To me though, this doesn’t feel like a breakthrough – it feels like I am completely and utterly broken. If you don’t know what an EAP counselor is – it is that number they giveContinue reading “Day 1 – My path to recovery – my life with Complex PTSD”