Songs we listened to today in second round house with the amazing YBless!!! Mikee TakenFlight came through to bless the show – and I researched him – and I couldn’t believe what I came across – the things you find out about artists…. I can’t believe I didn’t know all of this about him!

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Need Promo?

I wanna do this forever 🥰 the pics, the music, the blog, the live shows, the soaps, bath bombs, serums, loving it all 🤩

I don’t know what I like more, my #dramatic ass #music #playing in the #video or the #bathbombs I #created 🥰🥰 These “Bitch Please” Bathbombs are fcking #beautiful and maybe with their #name no one will #buy them, then I’m forced to use them #myself 🤣🤣

Obviously if you can count how many are in the pics, and match that to my @etsy #inventory you can tell, I already pulled me one 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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#pictures #photography @instagram

Time For A Change – SoundCloud

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