The Need – Chapters 1 & 2

Sometimes it is so hard to start a story, and then other times, it flows like a river after a thunderstorm.  I often find that sometimes my writing is limited to the moments where I am either at full peace, or full chaos, there is no in between.  I envy the writers that can justContinue reading “The Need – Chapters 1 & 2”

The Need – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 How we go from one point to the next, well that really depends on you. How open minded are you to your own thoughts to be willing to accept mine? Are you going to leave this safe place of mine, maybe not feeling so safe, or maybe feeling safer? I mean, I guess,Continue reading “The Need – Chapter 2”

Day 12 – down for construction

The title seem relative… That is what I am listening to as the new apartment complex is being built next door.  Something that has been quite the nuisance since I’ve been here.  I guess, also hearing the sounds of construction could also be a slight trigger.  Not one that sets me in a mood –Continue reading “Day 12 – down for construction”

Day 11 – the 3 month wait

Just wrapped up my call with social security.  Some good news – some discouraging news.  This process for disability is a 3 month long process.  So what’s happens now?  I have my businesses up and running – but still working on getting customers and generate revenue but I’m also still trying to figure out howContinue reading “Day 11 – the 3 month wait”

Whip it good 😋 keto ice cream

It’s quite simple…. Heavy whipping cream Sugar free, fat free chocolate pudding mix Sugar free vanilla syrup Pure vanilla extract Whip it good, then put in a form pan. I used a cake pan, mainly cause I wanted ice cream cake 🤣 And some dark chocolate ganache cause you an extra bitch. The recipe canContinue reading “Whip it good 😋 keto ice cream”

Confidence Builder

I’m half my size and my confidence is feeling a little Rocky right now. I am not even gonna pretend like this excess skin isn’t creating a slight self image complex. I know this is from all my bad habits followed with hard work and determination; however there is still this little voice that sometimesContinue reading “Confidence Builder”