Social networking and my unusual attachment to it 🤔

There are a lot of reasons why we do a lot of what we do on a daily basis, some known, some unknown to all but your unconscious self. Some times we do things out of habit based on mere survival. Much like what’s going on in the world at the grocery stores. Everyone hoardingContinue reading “Social networking and my unusual attachment to it 🤔”

Day 13 – Hope or Hype – either way I got to keep pushing forward

My mood is finally stabilizing – and not just on the surface, internally.  I’ve began to speak up when I can feel my anxiety rising – and when I’m uncomfortable I have began the methods taught to me about grounding myself.  All these attempts to cope with this deep healing stage.  A thing I haveContinue reading “Day 13 – Hope or Hype – either way I got to keep pushing forward”

The rejection I didn’t need….

I just got home from picking up – what I was hoping money from the cupcakes I made to put on display at a local place here. I walked in – excited to hopefully only pick up the envelope.  Instead I walked in, my cupcakes were turned in, and not on display as they wereContinue reading “The rejection I didn’t need….”

Day 12 – down for construction

The title seem relative… That is what I am listening to as the new apartment complex is being built next door.  Something that has been quite the nuisance since I’ve been here.  I guess, also hearing the sounds of construction could also be a slight trigger.  Not one that sets me in a mood –Continue reading “Day 12 – down for construction”

Day 11 – the 3 month wait

Just wrapped up my call with social security.  Some good news – some discouraging news.  This process for disability is a 3 month long process.  So what’s happens now?  I have my businesses up and running – but still working on getting customers and generate revenue but I’m also still trying to figure out howContinue reading “Day 11 – the 3 month wait”