The rejection I didn’t need….

I just got home from picking up – what I was hoping money from the cupcakes I made to put on display at a local place here.

I walked in – excited to hopefully only pick up the envelope.  Instead I walked in, my cupcakes were turned in, and not on display as they were on Sunday.  Not one single one sold.

My heart almost crushed when I seen they had been pushed to the back, not really visible to anyone.  Several hours and money wasted.

I was really hopeful that if I put these beautiful creations on display somewhere, all it would take it just a few people trying them – and my baking business would be in full swing.

But no.  They were pushed back, dismissed.


I took them and dropped them most of them to various places on the way home.

They were too beautiful to just toss.

I just wish, for once I could catch a break.



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