Creating calm during the chaos…

It’s been 3 weeks since I have last worked.  The transition absolutely a roller coaster.  My C-PTSD calmed.  The demons lying dormant right now.  I’ve always considered myself a pretty flexible person; however I would say that lately not feeling as flexible.  Something during therapy I have realized it is just part of my thresholdContinue reading “Creating calm during the chaos…”

Day 12 – down for construction

The title seem relative… That is what I am listening to as the new apartment complex is being built next door.  Something that has been quite the nuisance since I’ve been here.  I guess, also hearing the sounds of construction could also be a slight trigger.  Not one that sets me in a mood –Continue reading “Day 12 – down for construction”

This year has been like WHOA 11/17/2019

As I am sitting here, working on my music, and updating blogs, social media, etc, I can’t help but think of all of the transitions and changes over the past year. I just got done celebrating my first year anniversary with my music on October 17, which was like wow – it’s already been aContinue reading “This year has been like WHOA 11/17/2019”

He left, now what to do? 12/02/2019

Today, Greg, my boyfriend, started his new job.  The job he landed happens to also be where I work.  It also happens to be a vacation day for me.  A day I have nothing planned but to work on my own personal adventures on the web.  Yep, I took a vacation day to be ableContinue reading “He left, now what to do? 12/02/2019”

Making Memories – Our Trip to Six Flags Over Georgia

This trip was not only a moment to reconnect with my daughter, but time to connect in my new relationship – a restructured family trip – our 3 now is 4.  I guess we evened the odds for my son-in-law. It had been years since Katie and I got to go to a theme park. Continue reading “Making Memories – Our Trip to Six Flags Over Georgia”