Making Memories – Our Trip to Six Flags Over Georgia

This trip was not only a moment to reconnect with my daughter, but time to connect in my new relationship – a restructured family trip – our 3 now is 4.  I guess we evened the odds for my son-in-law.

It had been years since Katie and I got to go to a theme park.  I believe the last time was when she had a field trip through school and we went to Animal Kingdom.  I typically, if jobs allowed, would chaperone her field trips.  Mainly because that was going to be the only way we could afford to go.  Plus transportation was always an issue.  Never really having a reliable car – you really only find yourself at your local parks, etc.

It was long overdue.

We got monthly passes, so we will be back several times.

Obviously it is still kind of expensive to, and it’s a 3 hour drive, but when we have the funds, we will be back to make even more memories.

The rides were amazing – Greg is a champ at our childish love for theme parks – and you can kind of tell he digs it – and if he doesn’t he at least plays it off well enough – maybe because he is just enjoying being with me.

Fyi, I slay in those jeans…

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