The Need – Chapters 1 & 2

Sometimes it is so hard to start a story, and then other times, it flows like a river after a thunderstorm.  I often find that sometimes my writing is limited to the moments where I am either at full peace, or full chaos, there is no in between.  I envy the writers that can justContinue reading “The Need – Chapters 1 & 2”

So much has happened…

It has been crazy in the world. This coronavirus being felt in every single household across the world. It is a scary time for us all. What are you doing to pass the time? For me, I have been pushing my businesses – the goal prior to the outbreak. A goal I have had forContinue reading “So much has happened…”

Creating calm during the chaos…

It’s been 3 weeks since I have last worked.  The transition absolutely a roller coaster.  My C-PTSD calmed.  The demons lying dormant right now.  I’ve always considered myself a pretty flexible person; however I would say that lately not feeling as flexible.  Something during therapy I have realized it is just part of my thresholdContinue reading “Creating calm during the chaos…”

Day 12 – down for construction

The title seem relative… That is what I am listening to as the new apartment complex is being built next door.  Something that has been quite the nuisance since I’ve been here.  I guess, also hearing the sounds of construction could also be a slight trigger.  Not one that sets me in a mood –Continue reading “Day 12 – down for construction”