So much has happened…

It has been crazy in the world. This coronavirus being felt in every single household across the world. It is a scary time for us all. What are you doing to pass the time? For me, I have been pushing my businesses – the goal prior to the outbreak. A goal I have had forContinue reading “So much has happened…”

This year has been like WHOA 11/17/2019

As I am sitting here, working on my music, and updating blogs, social media, etc, I can’t help but think of all of the transitions and changes over the past year. I just got done celebrating my first year anniversary with my music on October 17, which was like wow – it’s already been aContinue reading “This year has been like WHOA 11/17/2019”

He said she a female Eminem 😂

For those that know, I’ve been messing around with the Bandlab app on my phone since October. Some out of boredom, some out of freedom. My daughter is grown now and moved out at 18 (1.5 years ago). (BOREDOM) She has moved back home just this past month, so not so bored at all anymoreContinue reading “He said she a female Eminem 😂”

He left, now what to do? 12/02/2019

Today, Greg, my boyfriend, started his new job.  The job he landed happens to also be where I work.  It also happens to be a vacation day for me.  A day I have nothing planned but to work on my own personal adventures on the web.  Yep, I took a vacation day to be ableContinue reading “He left, now what to do? 12/02/2019”