This year has been like WHOA 11/17/2019

As I am sitting here, working on my music, and updating blogs, social media, etc, I can’t help but think of all of the transitions and changes over the past year.

I just got done celebrating my first year anniversary with my music on October 17, which was like wow – it’s already been a year.  You know the funny thing is – I hadn’t even realized that was the same date as Eminem’s birthday.  Something I found very iconic this year as I scrolled through social media and see his birthday was on the same day I was celebrating my first year making noise.  Something that gives me the feel goods – considering I’m quite the stan.  Not the type of stan that watches his every move, or knows his entire book by heart – I mean dam – I’ve been writing my own book – but I know his music – his heart – because I have been listening since the beginning.

In a year I have overcome so many obstacles.  Not to mention – there has been a drastic improvement with my music.  You can see the transition in how I sound, but one thing has not changed – the power in my stories.  Over the last year, I have won two different awards – which is crazy – cause who would have even thought?

The first was the Artist Spotlight  from Bandlab back in November 2018 and the second one was this September’s #heroes #contest with That’s Some Shady Shit

Like wtf who have ever thought?


I mean you can take a look of the beginning and compare it to now and you can see the improvement.  It didn’t come without some blood, sweat and tears, but now… now I’m everywhere – including iHeartRadio.

That isn’t the only thing that changed drastically.  I moved.  I took my Florida native ass and moved it to Georgia.  The start of more moves to come.  This is our pit stop on a journey that I have waited a lifetime to take.  I had to move – the house I was in was up for sale – and my job – well it was rough in Tampa.  Something had to give – and the only thing I hadn’t tried was a change of state, in hopes to have a changed state of mind.

So I brought myself to Georgia just a few hours outside of Atlanta.  I got a good job – while it isn’t what I want to do with my life – it will suffice for now.  I mean we all know if I had it my way – I would stay baked, cook, clean, write some dope ass songs, and continue to just be crazy on my life shows.  That is why I am the happiest.  When I can get on live and just be without any regard to others opinions.  I know that sounds controversial because for most – that is leaving you exposed for negativity.  The thing is – online negativity can be resolved with one click of the delete button.  You can’t do that in real life.

I also have this new man.  Greg aka Anarchotrappitalist.  Met him on 03/24/2019 (there babe you can always refer to this post if necessary – even though most of the time it’s me forgetting the date)  He is amazing to me.  We have had a few bumbs as everyone does – but the difference with him – we talk it out – we work it out – and that sets us apart.  I am not an easy female to deal with, something a lot of guys think I try to be cute about – but just like in my music – always fact – never fiction.

I work – and not your normal – I work 45 hours kind of ish.  I mean I work work.  I get up at 5 to do my social media/ music related work before work – then go to work and work – then get off work and continue to work – and just recently picked up DoorDash for some extra money – so now I am work work working.  Most of everyone knows that I pick up two extra shifts every other weekend on the oil line at work too.  A benefit to the job I currently have.  Yes, a benefit.  How many jobs do you know of that will let you work 24 hours of overtime?  Not many.  I have worked that line every since I started and found out I could.  So right now my schedule is quite tight, but you don’t get to go from poverty to prosperity without some real work behind it.  Plus, I have dreams I am trying to achieve.

The first – pay off these bills.

The second – buy a house.  Right now – we have a 5 people and 3 dogs in a 2 bedroom apartment that is only 850 sq feet.  We make it work though.  We are thankful to have a roof over our heads, something just a few months ago looked like we might not have.  Our lease is a year long, but we are almost halfway through that – so really I got to push hard so we can move once our lease is up, something that doesn’t look to promising right at the moment, but if there is a will, there is a way – and I will figure it out.

The third – get to a point to where I can actually start enjoying life with my family.  The most important and the main reason why – but I must accomplish 1 and 2 in order to fulfill number 3.

It will all come together.  One day at a time.

I do this all for one reason – for my Baby Girl

One more thing – don’t miss out on the upcoming album “The Single Mother Shuffle”

Drop date is coming very soon.


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