Momma Rapper has her First Professional Studio Experience @ AMG Records Tampa Florida 🗣

The most amazing thing happened last night and as I sit at home, adrenaline still pumping hard, even 24 hours later, I can say for $25.00 I had a dream come true. Now did I ever think in a million years I would I ever be qualified to be in a booth, hell no, not sure I still am, but I just don’t give a dam anymore cause quite honestly, why not just follow your dreams? Why, because someone else told you, that you couldn’t? The f they knew anyways? They know how ur blood pumps through your veins? Or how ur heart skips a beat when you hear your own voice, your own words, your life, your thought and your feelings into something that feels good to me? I might be looking like a fool but I’m having fun and so is my family so I gives no fks 🤔

And let me tell you, it was no easy ride getting there. For one, the only transportation my family has is a scooter. Beep beep bitches 😂 my family used to consist of 3 but that number has since doubled 😁

While these extra children are not blood they are most definitely family.

While I can offer a lot, I’m only one person, I can always offer love and acceptance. If my kid loves them, I love them 🙋

So how does a family of 6 get to a studio? Well we do what we do😂 it’s how we run shit around here🚶 we just get it done. 2 on scooter 4 on bus. 🙆🙆 We got babies on the hip 😁

We roll into the studio 😎 the first 2 then the other 4.

I just knew this guy had no idea what he was about to encounter 😂

This video doesn’t exist

And I brought no beat 🚶🙆

Cause that’s not what I do 🔊

I’m different y’all 🤔 I admit that in everything I do.

The look on his face to when he asks for the beat and I was like no, I just am here to record my voice.

Ha, listen I admit I don’t what I’m doing but listen I do the shit ass backwards, but I’m still getting it done and like I’m still learning, but the way I do it, works for me 😂😁 So Elsa that shit and let it go. 🙆 We all do things better when we do them on our own terms. 📢🔊

So I lay down the lyrics. My crew of 5 sitting with the engineer and me in the booth. An Eminem video playing in my head. I really don’t care if the song goes anywhere. I’m proud of how my first time went and we had fun 🙏

My hands were sweating, my knees shaking. Such a little thing to one person, means the world to the next so judge me will u not?

Now listen 😂 I have insecurities. I often stumble up when I’m speaking. Fear of rejection, lack of confidence, the combo introvert, God please don’t let me let my child down, in front of these people, nerves 😐 on edge anxiety. The remains of emotional abuse and lack of self love. Something I’m working on and coping with, clearly 😁

The most important thing last night, was that smile on my child’s face.

That was priceless .

Something I hope we can do again, her voice is beautiful.

I can’t wait to release this track.

A big thank you to AMG Tampa.

It was a pleasure working with you guys, and I hope again in the future. 😂🔊

“Prodigy” coming soon. A big shout out to Clint Mitchell with The Shoals.

He has welcomed this with open arms and has built a beat, did some fancy stuff to the vocals and is preparing a masterpiece of Momma Rapper crazy 📢🙏 Thank you. You are a huge blessing.

And y’all 🗣 he is doing it out of the kindness of his heart, thousands of miles away 🙏🙏 #blessings

Thank you for believing in my crazy wild different noise 🙆😁🔊

He said she a female Eminem 😂

For those that know, I’ve been messing around with the Bandlab app on my phone since October. Some out of boredom, some out of freedom.

My daughter is grown now and moved out at 18 (1.5 years ago). (BOREDOM) She has moved back home just this past month, so not so bored at all anymore 😂

I’ve also had a lot of time to reflect on what makes me, me. Not inclusive to the fact that living a single life has given me the opportunity to actually feel whole as a person. Recovering from domestic abuse is something not easily done. Even years later. I can say this is my recovery process. I’ve always written (secretively) since I was 13. The only person that knew about that was my daughter. It was something I did for fun, keep her smiling, laughing in a world that was full of chaos, anger and abuse. Once I was single, my daughter took that opportunity to push me to be more of myself, including this off beat, fast talking, Momma Rapper hidden identity self as well. Something often teased at or put down, was something my daughter admired and loved. (Freedom)

Over the past 5 months, it really has been something kind of like wow.

The transition is like wow too.

First YouTube video:

Now I have insecurities, which we all do. So the first video is like meh 😐 but the message, it means more.

U can see the nervousness in my face, and hear it in my voice.

Nerves 😐

But with encouragement from my daughter, I’ve been putting out song after song after song.

Now mind you 😁 these are recorded from my bathroom and from my broke ass metro phone.

Again people, I’m a mom, and who TF has 400 to 800 dollars to hit a studio. And let’s be honest, I’ve had no formal training, I do not read music, and barely know what people are even talking about when it comes to studio stuff. 😁

But I can put words together and I can say them pretty fast. 😁

And it’s getting better over time.

My most recent video :

I have some news on the new one tho 😂

It’s going to studio. I found a friend through a mutual friend that has a studio and is willing to work with me on the cost to record. Drastically too 😁

He knows I’m broke and trying to buy a house. Plus again, I don’t make any money at this, so to invest money in it, isn’t really conducive to my lifestyle ATM.

So after posting “Prodigy” I get this comment

Ha, the fact that he is my favorite artist of all time, y’all know that made my day.

He helped me get through life through his music 🙏 so for someone to make that comparison, which I know I am nothing like him, it still made my day.

I really hope you enjoy “Prodigy” which will be coming soon as soon as I find a ride to Sumter 😂😎😂 (can’t drive the scooter that far LMFAO)

Chocolate and Cheese??? 💁 It’s a must try 🙆😏😋

I know, here I come with more weird shit, but listen, it’s a thing, and if it’s not it should be. 😄

I often get bored with the monotony of the same meals and basic snacks, especially when party planning it event planning.

This is a very beautiful snack 😍 but also can be cut differently for shapes and obviously chocolate can be molded into variety of shapes.

Point being is the taste 😁

The chocolate does over power the cheese, so less is more 😁

I also found that white chocolate is better with a sharp white cheddar.

It is a must try 😁

The Top 20 Preferred Music Artists of 2019

With this year full under way – it has come to my attention that there are artists around the world that are incredibly talented – but also might not have the exposure they deserve. As a whole – there are few that listen to underground music – but the thing is – that is exactly how artists are found. As most know – back in October I started on Bandlab. Something to fill my time – since my daughter moved out the year before. The thing with music – is it encompasses our lives. We never really realized it so much before – but my daughter (who is grown) grew up in an environment in which we just really didn’t watch television. I had my daughter young, and the life that we were living at the time – well let’s just say – I didn’t want her watching television show after television show with these kids who lived with both their parents – and didn’t have to hide in their rooms when step dad came home angry. Somehow Eminem’s lyrics made more sense to our life than “Full House”. To this day – we still don’t really watch television, still don’t have cable either. We listen to music – jam out – and just spend time together. It is our escape. Now while our life is much different now – emotions can be felt through music – and you can speak through your music – without even saying a word (listen to some instrumentals only – you will understand).

Well over the past few months – I have built quite the network of incredibly talented friends. I joined a couple of groups – networked a little – and started sharing music for free on a separate blog page. It is a blog page that is dedicated to artists only. I have not, and will not post any of my own personal music to the page. It is artist support in the truest form. No piggy backing off of other’s – just true artist support.

To be honest – I do this because I enjoy listening to music – the creative processes one goes through – the variation in music – just all of it. Each one different – but each one special in it’s own right. For most, their song tells a story – some deeper than others – but in some way – that song is relative to the artist – so pay attention to the words, not just the beat. These artists are telling you a story – listen to them – the variations – the work they put into their tracks – listen for the details – you might discover something a little more meaningful than some of the mainstream music.

Below you will find 20 of my favorite artists and my favorite track from their playlists. I will say, I have listened to thousands of songs over the past few months – hundreds of artists – HUNDREDS – this top 20 not only goes to the song – the beat – but also creativity – and artist likability. I do not support or promote asshole artists that do not see music as an expression of one’s emotions and often times is a person’s healing place.

Momma’s #1 Artist and Track: Artist: Wun Love (Liftd Music) Track: “Change You”. There are so many reasons I love this song. In the song he discusses not letting the music world “Change You” – Wun Love – he plans on changing the music world – and by the sounds of his music – he is going to do just that.

Once talking to Wun Love – I have to say he has a great back story – and I feel a connection with his mom – even though I have never met either one of them – and our interaction has only been on social media.

A little about Wun Love and Liftd Music: Liftd was raised by a single mother and lived with his grandparents and 3 brothers growing up. Music has always been a passion to him. Mainly involved in sports until after high-school, Liftd started writing songs junior year after being inspired by acts such as Lil’ Wayne, Drake, Dr.Dre, Scott Storch, etc…

After a few rough years battling with substance abuse and self-inflicted depression, Liftd decided to dedicate his life and career to making music which helped him through some pivotal points of his life.

Liftd believes music has the power to change the world and has since vowed to use his talents to create positive messages in his music.

Liftd Music : Artist, Producer, Sound Engineer

I will continue to watch him rise – as I know – once this song goes mainstream – his word will get Liftd.

#2 goes to: Manny Gamboa with “Human Nature” – Now, when I first listened to this track – I was intriqued – not only is the video quality on point – but the lyrics are too. It is a passionate song too – and as a woman – this is what ALL women want – “fall for a lover boy who be in the street” – ha – send him my way. I mean after all – it is “Human Nature” – and wait till you hear it pop off @ 2:20 – he gets at it – and y’all know Momma like that.

A little about Manny aka Emanuel X. He is an independent rap artist based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I started because I felt like the music I listened to wasn’t enough for me. I felt like people weren’t speaking about the things I was going through so I spoke for myself and it became therapeutic and evolved from there. What makes me, me, is that I have a distinct signature sound that listeners can pick up on right off the bat. (HE ISN’T PLAYING ON THAT)

#3 goes to FAT MEEZY aka Michael Carey with “July 4th”.  Now I’m going to be blunt here – he took me by surprise with his track – and actually he bumped his way up the list primarily because his track – “July 4th” is about his daughter, and let me tell you something – it is an amazing track.  He hit me with this one – he probably knows that too considering the whole “Momma Rapper”.  Plus look how freaking adorable her cheeks are – hahahaha.  But seriously – this song is amazing – and lyrically on point – and if are you a parent – and this song doesn’t make your heart melt – well then you suck – cause it is beautifully done.  I know Emma is going to be very proud of her father some day – and will always have this track to come back to.

A little about Fat Meezy:

FAT MEEZY is a local artist that was born in New Haven, Connecticut.

He was a troubled child who spent years in and out of therapy. He always felt out of touch with the rest of the world. When nobody listened to his cries for help he turned to music as a way to vent his aggression and emotions. In 2003 at the age of 13 he wrote his first song called “Empty Inside” which described the emotions he went through during his first real heartbreak. Over the years he continued to use music as a way to let out the built up anger. There were times he almost quit and wanted to give up. Fat Meezy is known for vanishing within the blink of an eye. After a few years pasted this encouraged his return with the song called “Missing In Action” and “Through The Night”. He Hosted a YouTube series called “Direct From Fat Mikes Crib” which highlighted other Connecticut artist such as “ILL, New England Nice, Continuous Intelligence, Raiza Rapz” And more. He was featured on “City to the Styx Vol 1” and “City to the Styx Vol 2” mix tapes. He also made an appearance on the “Street Confinement Mix tape” hosted by “Dj Wydow”. At the age of 17, Fat Meezy and his hype man rented a U-Haul and packed it with over 30 people to support the show where he opened up “Bone Thugs and Harmony”. This was a big success to him to open for this legendary group in the music industry. His first album released was in 2013 called “Monster In The Making” He took some time off for personal reasons and came back 2018 with his album called “Broken Home” which touches on topics from his childhood, current experiences, religious beliefs and his everlasting battle with depression. July 4th 2017 his daughter was born and changed his life for the better. He decided its time to be a role model and show his daughter to never give up and follow her dreams. He doesn’t expect to make it big but he does expect to leave his daughter a moral to follow. He’s currently working on his next album that is just almost finished titled “The Mumble Games” and touches on the concept of the real music and shows his anger towards this new music that’s being aired on radio waves. He’s also working on 3 more projects. A EP by Fat Meezy with “Mike Martinez” who will be doing 100 percent of the production. A Collaboration album that will showcase all of the collaborations he’s done over the years and of course another solo album. Fat Meezy is currently looking into setting up shows all up and down the east coast. He’s building his fan base we speak so come and be a part of the movement.


#4 is Dewight DMoney Alexander and his track “My Life” .  Now I am going to be blunt here too – y’all know how Momma is.  DMoney and I worked on a track together – and it meant a lot to me – for a variety of reasons.  One we all know Momma’s style is different (part of what makes it good) – but it is so different – that when I first started out with my music – it was rare to find another artist that was interested in my music, or they just didn’t know how to jump on my songs – because they are lyrically different.  But anyways – Dewight is one of the firsts that I worked with on BandLab.  I completed “Man on a Mission” and made it available to fork (available for others to hop on open verses).  Now Dewight jumps on the second verse – and does some back drop throughout my parts – which made the song pop.  I will post both links – and while I love what he did on “Man on a Mission” – Dewight is a great rapper solo – and stand alone – he is fire too.  His track “My Life” will give you a quick version of his life – and let me tell you – he is going places.  He is creative – he has a great voice – and his freestyle is on point.


#5 YoungFolk10k with “Right Now” – This Jacksonville rapper is already there – and his music is already circulating – but I still have to give him a shout because – his music is popping.  His cinematography skills are on point – and his lyrical skills are without a doubt on point.  Creative stance is strong – just overall a great rapper – but trust – he already knows this – even if the rest of Florida sleeping on him (don’t worry Young – they sleeping on me too – hahaha)

YoungFolk10k is a driven up-and-comer out of Jacksonville, Florida who prides himself in balancing both an insatiable lust for life and a stern self-imposed code of caution. His latest single, “6IX RULES,” and its accompanying video delve deep into both of these facets of his personality. The song, as its title suggests, centers around YoungFolk’s six rules for success, both personal and fiscal, in an often cynical and callous world. These simple, yet crucial commandments are listed in the song’s earworm of a chorus and are elaborated on further through the rest of its verses. The video, shot and produced by YoungFolk through KickAddicks, accents YoungFolk’s fun-loving side. The three minute video takes place during a high school basketball game-turned-full blown function. The premise is simple enough but what really makes the whole affair shine is the cast- which includes YoungFolk himself. The energy and enthusiasm among them is near electric and the predominantly improvised skits which intercut the video throughout are both equal parts charming and laugh-out-loud hilarious. While, setting-wise, the video acts on a smaller and more intimate scale, its cast along with its visually striking red and blue color palette make it an exceptionally memorable viewing experience. YoungFolk10k’s upbringing was not an easy one and his story of hardship makes his sense of world-weariness all the more reasonable. Conversely, however, it also makes his sense of artistic drive extremely admirable. Growing up in an abusive household in Clarksville, Tennessee, YoungFolk was exposed to the uglier side of human nature from a young age.  This understandably created a sense of angst and disenchantment in his heart.  Despite this, YoungFolk move to Florida later in his teen years, made a personal vow to never act on the violent impulses he witnessed in his develipmental years, and instead harnessed this sense of ire to fuel his artistic expression.  Fortunately his hard work and ambition have paid off tremendously.  The video for “6ix Rules” is available to watch now on Youtube and his music is available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music.

#6  Trusoul Davis with “Open Your Heart” – I have to say something here, if you are happily single – YOU ARE NOT GOING TO WANT TO PLAY HIS MUSIC – cause HELL THIS STUFF HAS EVEN ME ALMOST CONTEMPLATING a relationship – LMAO.  While listening to his music – you’re gonna wanna have your significant other close.  He definitely has that lay you down and get ravished by your spouse kind of music.  I even told him – “You make me almost want a man” – hahahaha – true shit though.  I haven’t not loved everything I have listened to by him.

A little about TruSoul:  He is an r&b artist hailing from Cleveland, Ohio. Raised on the east side of Cleveland’s Morris Black housing projects, he discovered a love for music at a young age, singing in local choirs in his youth. In his latter years, he began to take music more seriously. Honing in on his gifts, Soul went on to release multiple singles en route to his first major release “The Tru Experience” to widespread local & international (UK) acclaim. After a short promotional tour that included various radio station visits & shows such as “The FreeThinkers Tour”, “Indie Acoustic Soul Live” Who Run IT CAJOKIA MUSIC CONFERENCE & “Song Wars 5” to name a few, TruSoul looks to make an impact in the r&b scene by “Bringing real R&B back” He has also taking on acting as a second career move and has been in numerous plays and movies around the greater Cleveland area.
To contact Trusoul Davis and stay updated visit his web
Music is also available on all digital retailers
And request on SiriusXM HEART&SOUL And on radio one cleveland 93.1 wzak
Contact on all social media @trusouldavis


#7 Keenan Stewart Comeau AKA FLOWFLYIR with “Distant Land” – I have so much gratitude for this artist here.  Like A LOOOTTT.  I would like to begin to express my appreciation at this point and explain some back story to the friendship that developed with Riy.  Riy – I would like like to say to you and Brandon Gonzales – I appreciate your open – minded and understanding of my spoken word rap – and being almost like big brothers coming to my defense on, actually more than one occasion.  My music is different – and despite the different – unmastered – raw music – they have always been supportive – and that – I will always carry with me.  It is hard to show emotion – especially emotion on a different spectrum – and something so different – that it is almost foreign to a lot of people – but they have been receptive – often offering assistance – and just having a complete respect for art – and creative expression – and that, strangely enough – has been hard to find among a lot of other artists.  I have received quite a bit of negative kick back from polished artists.  Often because they didn’t know my back story – or the fact that my tracks are recorded from my shitty ass metro phone,  because they never took the time to actually get to know me.  Most cast judgement before even listening to the words, but NOT Riy and Brandon.  They have been true friends in this process – and I am forever grateful.  Riy also runs multiple support pages – such as Time To Get Heard (TTGH)   and FLOWFLYIR .  These groups are a great place for artist connections.  Thank you again Riy and Brandon for your support.

A little about the man himself from himself:  I am FLOWFLYIR (FLYIR) an indie music artist, covering several styles of music including rap, Hip-Hop, Spoken Word and others. Poetry opened the door for me to start my musical journey, which sparked my passion to help others. I write motivational songs about bullying, global change, personal experience and unique themes. Plus, all my music is non-explicit. I started rapping when I was 16 and I learned from a guy in my High school. His name was David Falls and he was in grade 12 at the time. I rapped battled him twice and I learned from rap battling him how to rap. After that, I started my own YouTube channel on YouTube on November 3, 2012. Then I started freestyling on other people’s beats that were my favorite rap songs and I made remixes or used someone else’s beat to make my own song like the We Ain’t Stopping Now, which at the time I was using Michael Wells beat and not my own. He told me about this program that he used called MAGIX MUSIC MAKER. Then I looked up the program online, my mom bought it and I started making beats. I wrote my own songs more at age 17 and with that program, I began to make beats by using the sound pool and the loops that were available for me to use in the program. I continued to do this, I also started rapping because I was bullied most of my school year and if I did not know how to deal with my stress I was thinking about not going to school, but rap became my stress reliever and It also became a way for me to express how I felt.
I still Rap, make beats, I just started mixing and mastering. I created my own group we were called MUS!C !S FROM TH€ H€ART or M!FTH. We were called TGH or TO GET HEARD. We Were independent, signed to ourselves and no one else. I am still in a duet with my buddy YOUNG KING HERO, Were called MASSIVE FLOW RAPPERS and together were a team. I also wrote my rough draft of my first song Rap all day and Rap all Night at age 16 and wrote down my first freestyle that I called We Ain’t Stopping Now.
At the same age and had the song on my YouTube channel, but since then I deleted that song and I remade it into one song. The original is on my page on SoundCloud the remix is also out and I want to thank bedezetbeatsproduction for the use of the beat. I also took down my YouTube channel when the new update came. Then I made a new one, which right now has a few videos. I am waiting to get the right video equipment before I make really good music videos. When I started I used my laptop’s webcam and that was all right, but now I want to upgrade. I will also be starting to make my own beats from scratch using my Akai music mixer/ keyboard. I will still be using Magix Music Maker 2013 as well. I will make my own loops using the loop maker and moved on to Mixcraft 7. I am 22 now and I have a rap flow like GUCCI MANE and when I started rapping people said I was going to be the next Eminem. My main rap name is FLOWFLYIR, My producing name was FLOWFLYIRBEATS or F-FLYIRBEATS. I am influenced by Busta Rhymes to keep going with my music. I am influenced by a rap legend his name was Tupac and he rapped mostly about his own life. My favourite rapper is Busta Rhymes, I also like EMINEM, Gucci Mane, Tupac and many more.
Time To Get Heard promo and radio were created By FLOWFLYIR on Thursday, December 3, 2015. “Hey, we all want to be heard. I decided to help people get heard by creating this page for my facebook group TTGH and SoundCloud group Time To Get Heard Support. This idea sprung from most of my followers who support my music, PACMAN & CFM. Inspired & Influenced By PACMAN, CFM & Big Typhoon plus YounG Ceaser. Now called Flyir Radio & Podcast (FRP) (2017 – 2019).
Check out my music in the links below. Working on my first album Inner Thoughts. I am also renovating my studio to improve my quality (2018). The Renovations of my studio are finished and I got a lot of new music on the way. So, stay tuned (Nov. 2, 2018).


#8 Sean Callahan with “Fresh Out of Coma” – I met Sean through Bandlab – and he is one of my biggest supporters.  His music is more of a grunge rap – which I dig.  Lyrically, he discusses his life – and the obstacles he has over come along the way, and his recovery process during the time.  Sean has an interesting back story too.  I often find his stories incredibly entertaining – and he is genuine in his responsiveness to other artists.


Born in Long Branch, hockey player cousin Tara Lipinskii we ran ice but she won gold. Sean has had a difficult life – but plans on rebuilding through his music.  In trouble with the law – battling with addiction – but he puts it into his music – and continues to become stronger every day.


#9 Anthony “Ace Cutty” Clark featured in “Crip Drip” by Tempa 2X – I met Ace on Facebook through one of the rap and hip hop groups. His lyrical talent shines through on this feature.


A little about Anthony “Ace Cutty” Clark – He was born in Chicago, Illinois, December 30th 1991 but was moved to San Diego, C.A. shortly after. He started writing lyrics at the age of 9 and by the age of 15 was recording with his first rap group “HooD $taR ProduCtionz” in Las Vegas, N.V.. Since then, he has traveled all across the We$t Coa$t and North West releasing mix tape after mix tape building a strong fan base stretching across all genres of music, social classes, and ethnic groups of people. Currently he is focused on continuing to build up his fan base, networking and of course, his highly anticipated debut album, “Ace Cutty: Forever”.


#10 S Barano Swanson with “She Say” 


A little about S Barano from himself:  Well I’m from Dayton Ohio born and raised . Grew up a fan of all kinds of music from James brown and Michael Jackson to 2pac,jayz, & Jadakiss. I started doing poetry for teachers in middle school then progress into rapping. About 4 years ago I started releasing music on YouTube, SoundCloud, and reverberation. Now I have music available on all platform including Spotify,iTunes, apple music ext. I just try to make music that people can relate to. I speak on my struggle with family, fake friends, and being real.


11.  Walter Green with “Fakes Freestyle” – another incredibly supportive artist.  I appreciate all of your support Walter.  Walter has been incredible since I met him on Bandlab.  Walter is one of the most supportive and engaged of all of the people on my social media – he rocks.

A little about the Jacksonville, NC rapper:   I started rapping when I was a teenager just to really have a way to express myself along with having a love for music and wanting to make a career out of it.
What makes me me is seeing what’s going on around the world by watching the news or by going out somewhere that’s how I get my inspiration to write music I rap about real life situations I always have messages in my music I also gain inspiration by having thoughts to myself about a topic that I’m into.  Went to Northside High School Studied at Coastal Carolina Community College.


#12 Mrflava Colin Greenwood with “Rumours”

Mr. Flava, born Colin Alrick Greenwood; hails from Islington, in the parish of St. Mary, Jamaica. He gained his education at Water Valley Primary and Islington Secondary School. From very early years, he was interested in music and his refined palette acquired an urgent passion for reggae. From a young age he would perform to family and friends and even at local community shows.

After leaving school, Mr. Flava realized that the best place for a performing artist to gain recognition was in Kingston, so, he took a chance and relocated to Fletcher’s Land, in Kingston. There, he started visiting studios and began to develop his already-nurtured skills further. His main inspiration came a little later on, from the blazing Jamaican reggae Star, Mad Cobra, who he had the fortune of meeting when he worked in his profession as a Barber at a Beautician Salon, owned by Mad Cobra’s wife. The Star often visited the salon and would give Mr. Flava pointers and some guidance in the art.

It was in Fletcher’s Land, that Mr. Flava once again found himself upon the stage, but this time, he was performing alongside many famous Jamaican reggae artistes in events such as the annual shows “West Kingston Jamboree” held in the Tivoli Gardens and the “Fletcher’s Land Jamboree” held in it’s own territory. He also performed at both the annual shows the “Allman Town Jamboree” and the “St. Mary Mi Come From”, in their perspective parishes along with the well-known “Champions In Action” show.

Mr. Flava has performed at many charity events in Jamaica and prolifically shared the stage with almost every top artiste in the reggae/dancehall industryMr. Flava, born Colin Alrick Greenwood; hails from Islington, in the parish of St. Mary, Jamaica. He gained his education at Water Valley Primary and Islington Secondary School. From very early years, he was interested in music and his refined palette acquired an urgent passion for reggae. From a young age he would perform to family and friends and even at local community shows.

13.  Clint Mitchell in the “Shoals” 

A little about Clint and his group The Shoals which consists of two brothers Clint & Dakota Mitchell and their cousin Tracy Lail.

From Clint:  We are from Granite Falls North Carolina. We have always played music together but never anything very serious. In December 2017 we decided to start recording everything and we soon discovered that we should share it with the world. The feedback and responses were beyond amazing, and it really inspired us to better our sound and move forward. We never looked back. Clint is the Lead Guitar/Rythm Bass and Vocals. Tracy plays Lead Bass/Rythm Guitar. Dakota is the drummer. We play Improvised Heavy Rock music. Our inspirations range from Black Sabbath, Clutch, Nirvana, Manson, Slipknot, and beyond. We are constantly looking to upgrade and better our sound, and look forward to what the future has in store for us.The Shoals consist of two brothers Clint & Dakota Mitchell and their cousin Tracy Lail. We are from Granite Falls North Carolina. We have always played music together but never anything very serious. In December 2017 we decided to start recording everything and we soon discovered that we should share it with the world. The feedback and responses were beyond amazing, and it really inspired us to better our sound and move forward. We never looked back. Clint is the Lead Guitar/Rythm Bass and Vocals. Tracy plays Lead Bass/Rythm Guitar. Dakota is the drummer. We play Improvised Heavy Rock music. Our inspirations range from Black Sabbath, Clutch, Nirvana, Manson, Slipknot, and beyond. We are constantly looking to upgrade and better our sound, and look forward to what the future has in store for .

14. Max Turnish with “Lost” – I have a little history with this artist.  For those that don’t know Max is the one that produced “Wear Me Down” – the sexiest track I have recorded to date.  Max is also one of those believers in me – and those are, like I said, few and far between in the music industry.  It only took a day or two to lay down that track – but he is also a very talented artist himself, as shown in this track below.

A little about Max from Max:  Well I started rapping in Brooklyn Ny. That’s also where I’m from.I really just did it for fun during my elementary years 9-11 it was when I reached middle school I started working on my Lyricist skills I wrote many songs and lost many of my notebooks I used to write them it wasn’t till recently of early 2018 till I started recording I recently gained some fan base I also give advice when I can to individuals who’s just starting out. Dgx stands for Dreams Gone eXtreme

15.  Xkreamin J Haukinx with “The Beautiful People”

Xkreamin J R.u.c.k.i.s.s is an alternative hip hop Artists/CEO/A&R from Detroit Michigan who has over 100.000 stream’s and 15.000
copies sold of released 5 projects in the last two years this is R.u.c.k. volume 2. the Mixtape started more buzz after leaving his label due to creative problems within the company after becoming an A&R for record union he started to assembling the company the Moonies

16.  Masta Mind AKA Thabo Ntini in “I Am”



17. Shakur Phamousz Clark in “Elevate the Game”


18. Troy Bantum in 💰PAPER $TACCZ💵 



19.Andrew Martinez with “Who Made You Gang”


20. Dario da Rapper in “Dario”


I wanna say thank you to all of the artists that I have come across during the last 3.5 months – it has been incredible.  I will continue to share and listen to music – so always watch for those Facebook posts about blog blasts.

And stay tuned for additional underground music so that you can be one of the first to hear rising artists lyrical tales.



Simple and Satisfied

I love to cook, but I’m also a lazy cook 🤔

I don’t like standing over the stove and really, it’s been a thing over more of time management than anything 💯

I mean honestly I cook a lot, but cook simple but different. Much like myself 💯

For example this is a pretty simple meal and I mean like 5 minute prep time.

I buy frozen chicken 🙃 I know like omg a woman who buys frozen 🤔 hey guess what, that’s most of the population and I won’t pretend to be something I’m not 💯

The side veggies is nothing more than zucchini and squash that I made the night before in a large batch and microwaved and added some sharp cheddar.

Frozen chicken, just added some total seasonings and popped in the oven.

Simple, easy.

Don’t making cooking complicated 💯💕💯

Spend ur time eating instead of cooking 😁

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