Spider Bite?

Yea – I may have gotten bit by a spider while in the shed getting things to build decor for my daughter’s wedding.

In other news, don’t miss your green light, or someone gonna tree your ass on their little Scoot Scoot.


Spider Bite?

brown yellow black cross orb weaver spider
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

A White Fat Chick Rapping – WTF?

I know – I know – what the bloody hellllll


Listen y’all – people have different things they enjoy doing, this just happens to be mine.  I know I don’t look the part – but my words are strong.

Please give it a listen – and share – comment.  I return the favor.

Yes I know I am different – CAUSE I’M HEAVEN SENT.

Check out my latest lunch break lyrics.

Lunch Break Lyrics


Transformation Tuesday ~ Down 217 POUNDS WHATTTT

Oh yes yes it is TUESDAY

The day of the week I get to share my transformation to the world.  Well okay the five of you that are here with me on my journey bhahaha.

Losing weight is the hardest thing I have ever done.  I have gained so much knowledge about myself in the process.

Like for one, I’m tough as nails.  Two, I am in love with pizza.

A lot of people ask me what I am doing – first step – switch our your cane sugar for Stevia – that in itself is incredibly helpful.

Let me know what you are doing to change your lifestyle?


Monumental Milestone – 223 POUNDS LOST – I FINALLY REACHED 200 pounds

It is one of the happiest fitness days I have ever had.  I have been gaining and losing the same weight for the past 10 years.  In November of last year I made some pretty serious lifestyle changes, and I finally reached the current weight of 200 pounds.

I’ve never seen that kind of number, not that I can remember, and that would be something I would remember, maybe in middle school.

Happy Days

Happy Happy


Heart Splitter

Please give it a listen. I know it’s raw and I know my voice low, but again doing this on my phone.

Plus I was breathing a little too much into the phone, but again, I’m a broke momma so this is all I got to work with, but hey that’s how we do things around here. #homemade

You listening would help me celebrate me getting under 200 pounds.

Today marks the day I hit the biggest milestone in my journey 😘😘😘😘

Broke and Broken

You know I think the most disappointing thing in life, is when you have friendships that fail because of greed.

Now I openly discuss that I am broke, and once broken.  We are all just trying to do the very best in making it in life.

I had someone who befriended me, and boosted me up, and of course, I took the bait.  Really thinking this person thought I had some talent.  Wow someone who actually believed in me, someone who I really thought was feeling what I was saying.

And then after a few days – I get hit with the hook.

Look.  I am happy with my life.  I am just being me.  Offering someone “studio time” is great – but then days later – you hit them with “yea it’s only $750.00” like really?

I know we are all just trying to make money – but don’t fake it to make it in this life.

It is irritating because if you actually listen to the lyrics in my songs – you will hear the struggle, and nothing is more like wow – you never listened to any of my shit.

Broke, Broken and Bitchy

I feel the way I do because I have been struggling my entire life, and yea maybe in some kind of crazy way, maybe the “extra” work I am putting into being myself, eventually turns profit, but when I say I’m broke, like I mean it.

It is hard making it out here – and like what kind of “friend” are you – if you aren’t paying attention to ANYTHING they have said.

I make poor look pretty – but like the struggle is real out there for families.

Don’t fake being friends with someone just to sell them shit.


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