OMG Y’all – I forgot about this one – ~ The Relationship Roundup – an Insight to why I am such a B****

Actually I am sweet as sugar – unless you piss me off.

But….I realized something this morning.  I never did share with you guys my very first video, which was just a few months ago.  Now I didn’t rap this one, but the lyrics, I am about to convert it into a singing song.

Now listen, I have been writing since I was a little girl.  I know this video is raw, but I did it for my kid.  She has begged most of her teen life for me to actually share this part of my life.

But I was ashamed.  I mean, the lyrics to my songs, it puts vision to my life.  Something that is hard to allow, especially when there is so much to my past.

It is rough – it was the first one – and let’s all be honest – I am still really really raw.

I appreciate you giving it a listen.

Momma Rappers First Video  


P.S.  I own the lyrics, the words, and the voice hahahaha


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