Lazy Ass Men

Dating today is really difficult.  Men expect quite a bit from a woman, and commitment seems to lack.  I mean real commitment – not just committed while you in front of me, while you behind my back too.  If you are in a committed relationship – then privacy is out the window.  Have some damContinue reading “Lazy Ass Men”

Dudes be like nah it wasn’t me

I will confuse you with the variety of ish I will be posting about.  While like all creative souls – we may have different creative things we enjoy to do.  Growing up my brother – he played a guitar and sang and to be honest – he has quite the voice.  Well I do notContinue reading “Dudes be like nah it wasn’t me”

When the Rooster Doesn’t Rise (not for children)

Yea ladies I would like to discuss this bedroom no rise to shine issue. I would have to gander that if you ever had one in your hen house then you know exactly what I am referring to, but what happens when it becomes more than an occasional occurrence? I mean we all get theContinue reading “When the Rooster Doesn’t Rise (not for children)”

Do We Ever Really Find the “One”

Love like what the hell does it even mean? We understand it when it comes to the people we are born into.  Our mother’s, father’s, children.  That type of love – although challenging sometimes – you typically do not have to question that love. But what about a mate in life?  Do we really everContinue reading “Do We Ever Really Find the “One””

Why Do We Stay In Dead End Relationships?

Probably for the same reason we stay in dead end jobs.  Partly because we are lazy, and partly because it is comfortable.  I speak from experience.  I mean how many times does a man need to screw up before I am like okay – you need to go?  Apparently quite a bit. I have beenContinue reading “Why Do We Stay In Dead End Relationships?”