Lazy Ass Men

Dating today is really difficult.  Men expect quite a bit from a woman, and commitment seems to lack.  I mean real commitment – not just committed while you in front of me, while you behind my back too.  If you are in a committed relationship – then privacy is out the window.  Have some dam integrity and be 100% in your relationship – other wise you’re just a waste of space.  Stop hurting people because you have relationship attention deficit disorder.

I have trust issues.  Deal with it – or just sit the hell down.

When you have been lied to and cheated on for most of your adult life – those little games men try to play with me – doesn’t work.

I need a real man that stands on his own – that has more going for his life than just who is in his DMs.

My rant can be found on youtube the link is below.

There is adult humor to it – so if I offend you – sorry.

Lazy Ass Men


Get out my face hahahaha

Actual picture of my daughter from 17 years ago hahahaha.


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