It’s summer, it’s not under wear, it’s a beautiful two piece, ya only mad cause I’m fat 不 and guess what, ya can’t do nothing about it 不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不Sucks when a bitch loves herself so much don’t it 不不不不不Outfit by TorridYou can’t breakdown what you didn’t build 弗弗弗unbothered #fatandfabulousAnd yes, my man supports me posting what ever the fuck I want, cause I’m not his property and I don’t make him insecure 不I met him over weed, didn’t want a relationship and was single 3 years before him. This is who he fell in love with and he ain’t ashamed 弘I started loving me before he did, and that is why he loves me so much because I do 不不 and I love him so much cause he does 弘

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