This new adventure tho…

I set out on a mission, and by the looks of it, I’ll be arriving at my destination very soon.

The destination…. feeling free to be me and still be a functioning member of society 🤣

I knew this day was coming. Maybe not fully, but subconsciously, I knew. The inability to work has taken over my life and every aspect of it.

My bills adding up like most of the world because of the Rona.

My disability, finally becoming accepting and have actually embraced it. Exploring new adventures that I actually enjoy, priceless.

Adding the bath essentials line to my portfolio, best thing I ever did. Mainly because it’s therapeutic.

Each one of my bath essentials are made with essential oils. All ones that I find incredibly useful to deal with my C-PTSD.

And I’m having fun while doing it. Being able to explore my creative side has been so much fun. I finally get to be me.

Please stop by my shop and check out what I’ve been creating!!!

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