Changing Cheese Sauce – The Kicking Keto Recipe – DO YOU DARE?

The Yum Yum 

Yea, you heard me, and if you are following me on IG, or FB then you already know what is up!!!!


The Changing Cheese Sauce has forever changed my life. I make 95% of my meals at home.  Not only can I cook, but finances are tight – and eating out – it’s expensive.  And to be honest – the only time I don’t eat at home is when I splurge for a hoagie from Wawa.  Yea – a hoagie.  The wheat one.  Yes I am on keto.  Modified keto, and I eat grains, typically two times a week.  That hoagie is my payday special – and has been for the better of two years now.  All $5.69 of it!! Balling on a budget.

Anyways back to this deliciousness of cheese.


I call it the changing cheese sauce – because one little trick – and bam a completely difference sauce.

The best thing about this recipe – is you make it yours.

It is pretty basic, and easy too, so for families – it’s perfect.

It is a 4 ingredient sauce
My Changing Cheese Sauce is as followed:
1/2 a stick of unsalted REAL butter.  Walmart has 4 sticks for just ver  $3. Comes is salted or unsalted, I only ever buy unsalted out of preference.
1 bag of shredded cheese of ur choice, hence the changing cheese sauce because this is really a simple and universal recipe. The recipe pictured is white sharp cheddar. Again, Walmart for just over 2.00. U can use as much cheese here depending on how cheesy or soupy u want it. This was made with just a little over half a bag.
Heavy Whipping cream. This will depend on how much u are making. Since I have an empty nest, I make generally no more than 8 ounces, which I always have some left over. A small carton of hwc is just over 2.00 at walmart. If u are feeding a family I suggest modifying it according to that. If u decide to use a full container of hwc for a family, make sure u add more cheese ♡♡
The last and probably most important ingredient is Weber Roasted Garlic and Herb Seasoning. I use about 2 tbsp, but I love garlic.
I take the butter and the seasoning and melt it in a pot together, then I pour in the hwc and then the cheese. Stir until completely melted down. Make sure u watch it cause it does cook kind of quick on medium high heat. Roughly around 5 minutes.
The bam pour it over ur favorite foods. I also pour over chicken in the oven and broil it to make a cheesy crust
This is a keto friendly recipe but can be for all others as well.
Happy Grubbing Yall!!

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