BLOG POST 09/17/2019 Dam these changes stacking up, but I’m completely excited for this new life.


You know I’m sitting here sharing my music, in a new home, with a new boyfriend, in a new city that is in a new state with a new car – and I’m just like wow, changes for real.

I think back to where I was a year ago.  Mentally, emotionally…  Hell let’s take that back even further – let’s go 5, but let us dare not go back more than 10 – those pastures are paved in paths of pain.

Talk about changes.  I can’t describe to someone how emotionally restricted I have felt over most of my life.

Some other things have been going on as well.  A lot of self-evaluation – a lot of self-love.  I mean when we strip ourselves down to only yourself – and there is  no one around to feed you negativity – you start feeding yourself, little by little, bit size snacksies of positive encouragement.

Like, legit, I look in the mirror everrrydddaaayyy – and tell myself I am beautiful, I am a bad bitch, I have the power to allow fuckers to fuck with me, retain power for thyself bitccchhhh… Now take that fine ass to work.  hahahahaha – (legit tho)

A few years ago – I wouldn’t even look in the mirror – and now I go live, share music, post videos, give no fucks what kind of negative bullshit comes out someone’s mouth.


I stripped myself down to nothing but me, and my thoughts, and you know what I realized?

I’m pretty fucking awesome – and I deserve to be loved ❤ and so do you, even if that someone yourself till you find someone who can top that kind of love (and yea they out there, Gregory, hey babbbyyy)



If no one has told you today,

You are beautiful, strong, and courageous..

All the pain is just making those wings super strong for when it’s time to soar!!!

If they ain’t treating you right – tell em to get the fuck gone.  You owe no – one nothing in this life.  You DO NOT have to subject yourself to pain just so they can be loved.





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