In shock – wrote another man a love song – when my boyfriend heard it – he was in awe….. Blog Post 09/18/2019


So Greg and I entered a few contests on Bandlab – the app we use to create our music.  For those that don’t know- Greg is a bassist – which was not something I knew about him until after we started dating.  We are coming up on our 6 month anniversary – and it has been fantastic!!!!

Together we have dropped 4 tracks.

This last one though – “That’s Some Shady Shit” is climbing up the charts on Bandlab!!!  We have two entries – the only two songs I have done this month, and one is sitting at #40 and the newest one – ALREADY AT #70.

I have a feeling this last one might surpass my other one.  Even if we don’t win the contest – the fact that I even made it in the #top100 at all is amazingballs – then making it into the #top50 – even more amazingballs

Our latest track – my love song to another man!!  That man just happens to be Eminem hahahahaa – yea – Momma a stan!! And what?  hahahaha

Sitting at #70 !!!!


I also wrote a love song to Greg:

Currently sitting at #40 !!!!


I think we sound amazing together.  His beat – my heart – together we make that Pulse beat!!!!


Our other releases:

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