How The Fashion Industry has Fat People Fkd Up

I have to honestly say – that over the past two years – I have really kind of started paying attention to the fashion industry.  I mean I always wanted to look good, but being fat my entire life, the options available to women were pretty much drab and outdated.

I don’t know if I am going through some type of midlife crisis to where I am more concerned now than I have ever been with clothes, and probably because of the fact that I have been introduced to Torrid.

I would like to say first and foremost – this isn’t a sponsored ad, so this by no means is a boost Torrid post – this is just my own personal experience.

I look back through pictures – pre-Torrid, and I just look at myself like meh – yea – outfits LAME.

But really what options did we have?  And then furthermore – I feel some type of way with companies in which their size 0-12 look fashionable and flirty – then you get to size 14-28 and it looks like we went back to 1990.

And do you know how crushing it is to walk into a store, and the only option you have is last winter, and winter circa 1965?  I mean honestly people – fat people like colors, shapes, patterns, different.  This is partly why I never enjoyed shopping.  Not only was I dealing with self-image issues – but it is crushing when you see an absolutely adorable pop pink dress – but it is only available in misses.  Your options are black, brown and grey.  Exclusion – cause being fat means you don’t care about yourself – so here ya go – have you some left over last year lame ass outfit.

Like why just because I am fat, can I not also get that adorable dress in my size, with the curves adjusted for a woman with a rack, and ass, and stomach included for free?  Like why do I have to look like an oompa loompa (no offense Willy) Monday thru Sunday?  And Jesus please someone make some thongs that actually fit over this ass.  I mean yea – I can find sizes that go around the waist – but I need something with some curve for the center string, so I am not digging the string out 900 times an hour.  And don’t come at with me – get a bigger size – cause I have done that too, and you know what happens, I am pulling up two strings, and pulling out 1.  Like someone help that situation.

Now I will have to say once I found Torrid, I realized there was someone who got us.  I hope to see the trend continue throughout the industry.

Just because we are fat – does not mean we don’t want to look good.

I want to slay Monday Thru Sunday.

Thanks to Torrid though – I am looking Hella cute today 🙂



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