What I am Wearing ~ The Clearance Crusher

img_20181024_083630_986I have to say this is one of my favorite outfits.  Partially because it fits, and the other reason – because I blended my classy with my sassy.

The outfit is very basic – but the shirt – I bought that from Lane Bryant for  $0.56.  Yes less than 1.00.  You may ask how?

I only shop in the clearance sections of most stores, unless for some reason I am having to buy a specific outfit.

I also join the rewards programs at the stores.  This is critical – and if you aren’t doing this – you are missing out in a lot of free shit.  If the company offers a free reward card – I am using it.

I got this and one other shirt, for just a little over a dollar for BOTH.  They were already on clearance – then clearance was BOGO, and I had a $10.00 reward that I used.

Yep – how amazing is that!

The gloves, I bought out of season – only paid a few dollars for them.  Yes I had to wait to wear them – but it was totally worth it.

The kimono – BOGO @ Lane Bryant as well.  I got this one and a leopard print one for less than 15.00.  Freaking steal for kimonos.

The shoes, clearance BOGO at Torrid.  Along with the shades.

All clearance BOGO – combined with rewards.

I have been making poor pretty since 1981 hahaha.





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