Deciphering the Dynamics of a Complex Female

With the move date now July 19, we are exactly 19 days before we walk out that front door. Having the destination now has definitely relieved some on my anxiety driven mental health issues, or is it mental health related anxiety? It’s like asking what came first, the chicken or the egg πŸ˜‚ I’m terrified about not having a job and after the experience with my job and realizing over the past few years how my insecurities created such setbacks. Fear of retaliation, or fear of loss in ant capacity. I don’t know. Anyways. The last two weeks have been incredibly trying with my OCD and have been feeling very under the thumb because of time constraints and just so much going on. Not inclusive to stomach issues related to my gastroparesis. Part of the reason I push so hard with my music I guess. I would rather be home making music and chilling with my dogs and writing and creating but that doesn’t pay the bills does it? I got monetized with my music with is amazing, which will now yield a little less than a penny a play, but hey it’s more than I had yesterday 😏😏

I mean that’s pretty amazing right? Monetization in 9 months? Hahaha, probably cause Momma’s push hard when it’s for their family and this Momma tired of struggling, and already see the struggle being passed down to yet another generation. Poverty is often handed down generation to generation with minimal hope of evolution. There’s a few that make it out, but how many you know don’t return?

I know one thing, staying stagnant only makes things stale. I’ve never flown in a plane, or seen snow, and yet I’m being criticized for “up-rooting my family”. My “family” is going with me. Yes my mom is here in Florida; however so is a lot of our family. I won’t be far, and let me be even further honest and say me and my mom don’t really see each other that much, even living only 30 minutes apart. My mom is a strong woman, and knows I’m only a phone call away.

And anyone else that has an opinion about my life, I guess they should’ve showed up for Christmas dinner to voice their opinions. We would’ve talked about it 😏

Oh wait πŸ™„

I spent Christmas alone πŸ€”

And I mean alone, alone. Just me and my mutts.

Now mind you my baby daddy and I alternate Christmas Eve and Christmas day, and even tho my daughter is grown, we still vibe to that.

I wrote Warning: I’m Dangerous on Christmas πŸ˜‚

My songs or writings have always been therapeutic for me.

And let me say, the song to this day is still therapeutic πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

My music, my colorful lifestyle, the way my mental health effects my friendships and relationships. Often why I find comfort is just me and the pups.

I often push people away because not many people have brought happiness into our lives.

Which this is a good time to tie that into an update with the boyfriend.

He has been every thing I was told I would never find.

I looked at him the other day and said “you’re good for my mental health”. Lately I have been really reflecting on quite a bit and I feel as though he came into my life at the moment he was supposed to.

He gives my days some brightness and love that I have never experienced before. Not saying it’s all rainbows and butterflies. Well it kind of is. 😍😍 I will say though, he has been exposed to some of my mental health issues and he handles them quite well.

He has also learned to open up a little more too, which has been very insightful.

He is loving and kind, and that is new for me. I have started to embrace it, as opposed to push it away.

Often not feeling good enough to have someone that treats me good, I found myself pushing him away.

He adores me, and I’m not used to that. He laughs and just let’s me be me.

He has been healthy for my mental health, and that is a first.

I will say, I do deserve that. We all do.

I’m so protective over my mental health now that even the night I met him I told him I just wanted a friend. Nothing more.

Well now I’m all in love and of course, that also has me concerned too, and rightfully so. The damage that can be created by a broken heart is more than I can withstand again. I slept alone for 3 years and found peace by not hearing repetitive negativity about my actions or thoughts.

I became free to feel how I feel.

That won’t be taken away.

He knows that too. He either accepts me for me, or he knows I have no issue going back to sleeping alone.

We have to be protective over loving ourselves.

He is moving with us too.

He has decided to give up his life here to go with us, even tho I have warned him that the ride will be a rough ride. I even tried to convince him to stay here, especially after getting the offer for promotion he had been waiting on for quite some time. He turned it down without hesitation. While I love him, I would never want anyone to give up their life or opportunities to follow me down an unknown path.

I tried to convince him multiple times to stay. He says that’s ,”nonsense”

He makes me laugh, and like an honest laugh too. He also gives me space when I need it or holds me when my anxiety has me on the brink of explosion. Which I have to say, has been quite frequent lately with the move.

The stress of selling our things, which total we have sold $80 worth of stuff and gotten $55 in donations. The move is costing us $1984 and yea that has my nerves like πŸ™„ but still feel incredibly blessed for that.

We are 20 days out and I’m just like feeling a sense of peace with a hint of anxiety. Hoping the scales of balance begin to tilt one sided. πŸ€—

I have a job interview tomorrow @2:30 and hoping that goes through even though all I wish to do is sit home and create and share my crazy thoughts and life with the world. As to say hey listen to this crazy shit. πŸ˜‚

Deciphering the Dynamics of a complex female. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I feel like I’m finally untying the knots that make me feel crazy.

Which makes people think I’m crazy.

Figure that out.


If you would like to follow our journey or to donate please click here.

Till next time fam fam.

Pray for sleepπŸ˜‚ running on low.

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