Broke and Broken

You know I think the most disappointing thing in life, is when you have friendships that fail because of greed.

Now I openly discuss that I am broke, and once broken.  We are all just trying to do the very best in making it in life.

I had someone who befriended me, and boosted me up, and of course, I took the bait.  Really thinking this person thought I had some talent.  Wow someone who actually believed in me, someone who I really thought was feeling what I was saying.

And then after a few days – I get hit with the hook.

Look.  I am happy with my life.  I am just being me.  Offering someone “studio time” is great – but then days later – you hit them with “yea it’s only $750.00” like really?

I know we are all just trying to make money – but don’t fake it to make it in this life.

It is irritating because if you actually listen to the lyrics in my songs – you will hear the struggle, and nothing is more like wow – you never listened to any of my shit.

Broke, Broken and Bitchy

I feel the way I do because I have been struggling my entire life, and yea maybe in some kind of crazy way, maybe the “extra” work I am putting into being myself, eventually turns profit, but when I say I’m broke, like I mean it.

It is hard making it out here – and like what kind of “friend” are you – if you aren’t paying attention to ANYTHING they have said.

I make poor look pretty – but like the struggle is real out there for families.

Don’t fake being friends with someone just to sell them shit.



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