Naked Beauty – Find Your Sexy – Self – Love

The title means exactly what you think it means.  Yes ladies, I am talking about feeling beautiful when you are naked.  The moment a lot of women fear, self-hate is a norm for us, but I am here to explain to you how I fixed that – and easily too.

No, I am not going to go into the working out, and all that.  I mean in reality – you guys know working out – eating healthy – creates healthy mindsets – I don’t need to be the one to tell you that, I am here to tell you that selfies can cure your self-hate image of yourself, or at the very least help some.

For me, up until my life become a solo mission – I had self-image issues.  Every insecurity you could think of – fear of mirrors, no photo please –  kind of personality.  Well now, not so much, now I am like ooo hey girl hey, to myself.  And I did that by playing dress up in some sexy stuff.

OMG I know I sound like I am 5.  Here is the thing – IDC.  I went and bought some sexy stuff.  I mean some pretty sexy stuff.  Stuff that I thought was cute – and since I am on a solo mission – trying to find things that fit a man’s vision isn’t a concern for me.  I buy it for me.  I then took these items home, and try them on.  In front of a mirror.  I take some videos, snap a few pics, then sit back and look at all that glory God has bestowed upon me.

The first time it was hard.  I could see every dimple in my thighs, I could see that my waist was so wide, that my ass looked flat from the backside.  There were all these imperfections, but then I noticed something, when I stopped looking at all the little imperfections, and I looked at myself as whole person – I didn’t look bad at all.  Like dam girl where you been my whole life?

Yea I know cocky right?  I don’t care.  Cocky sure the hell beats depression.

Now it takes some time.  And this is something I still do to this day.  Since my body has been changing from losing the weight – I am discovering a whole new body.  Even without the weight loss though – I was/am discovering my naked beauty.

My most vulnerable stage, and I am presenting it to myself.  It is a honesty thing.  Acceptance thing.  This is me, and I am beautiful.

I am undoing what has been told to me for many many years.

I mean after all – why in the hell do we allow someone else’s voice carry more value than our own?

No one knows the inner you – more than you – stop giving people that much authority over your thoughts and emotions.  Your voice is stronger than theirs, and your voice will be heard more by you than theirs.

I would like to challenge all my friends to do the same.  Find your sexy – within you – by you.  Build your confidence.  Make is solid – then it can never be shattered.

Flaunt your fabulous 🙂




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