Making Music Move ~ A Man on the Rise ~ An Up & Coming Artist Hitting the Rap Scene

And who would have even fucking knew? Not me? Why because I wasn’t paying attention. And like HOW tf NOONE gonna tell me about it?

Like what’s up hills? Like I didn’t see that shit on the school website? Like come on now. Like why am I always the last to know?

Like let me tell yall something too. Even when this man messaged me, I curbed him.

I hate to admit it, I didn’t even look at his profile. It’s instagram, it doesn’t say who it is.

And I’m so focused on me right now, I said thanks and kept moving.

He was actually telling me good job on my music. I was appreciative and very thankful but in my experience on Instagram, soon he would tell me he was stationed in Afghanistan and needs a wife soon after I picked up on his broken English even though he was from Michigan ???? So anyways yeah kept it moving.

For some time too.

Till the next message.

Now as you can see there is over 2 weeks in those messages but then he said that, and I was like hold the fks up. Who is you??? So investigative Annie came out to play and discovered this is my middle thru high school friend Herbert. Now I am sure this is his preferred name, however I called him Herby.

The crazy thing is, this boy he was smart and discovered still very driven into his dreams although different in ways that I would come to discover.

We have been out of school for close to 20 years. I know, I know ladies, reality tho. The last time I seen him, was so long ago, it’s rather blurry but he was in a white sedan that was broke down and he had no time to deal with visiting at that moment. And we never seen each other again.

We were pretty close in school so I was super happy to connect once again.

But then I discovered he does this all music thing.

He writes music like whhhaaattt???

So he sends me some of his music and I’m completely fucking took back. Like dam homie air high five cause like you done went through some shit and now you speaking on some real shit.

And like it’s pretty bad ass having a friend that shares artistic talents.

I hope y’all give him a go.

And share it up please.

Small town people, rarely make it out and up, let’s help him rise yall. Support me, by supporting him, and I will see and support you too in your endeavors



A Man On the Rise

Watch Him Rise

Up in Dreams

Apple Candy

Remember Me


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