Mourning a Loss

Mourning A Loss

It has been 14 years today that my life changed forever, it was the day I lost my father.  I woke up with intentions of it being a good day – and I was going to stay positive.  Sometimes even driving your mindset it the right direction – it decides to derail and take you through some rough terrain.  And that is okay.  I know I am processing and coping.  As each year passes – different emotions surface.

My dad left 3 ladies down here to fend for ourselves in a very unkind world.  He was our rock, and we each have learned to stand firm together, but alone.

I am still coping.  I have great parents.  I love them both dearly.  Fly High Daddy – your Princesses are down here thinking about you and how much we miss you.

Tonight – I will be curled up in blankets and pictures.

I promise I will be up and cheerful again in due time.

black and white cemetery christ church
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