The Anxiety Antidote

Some of you may think anxiety can be controlled by thought or emotion – and to some degree yes it can be.  I utilize methods like meditation, breathing exercises to keep them at bay.

Unless I have a bad one.  I have closet anxiety.  One the surface I look controlled, solid.  On this inside it is like a million minions going into different directions all at the same time.

When you have anxiety – sometimes you can really be the toxic one in the relationship.

Now, let me explain.  Cause I know some of y’all like whhhhaaaaaaattt tttttthhhhhheeeee fuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkk she just say.

I have anxiety, and I know I can be toxic in a relationship.

I am one of those to where when I feel fine, everything is fine, but when I am upset – everything makes me upset.

And I mean everything.  And for a man, that is a lot to deal with.  I am not super emotional – but I get snappy.  Pissy.  Attitude.  Everyone’s anxiety is different – and I know my condition crippled most of the relationships, but because I was with the wrong kind of person.

The problem is, that never once I have I ever had a man take the time to even try to pinpoint the issue, or even just accept the fact that it was just an episode, and cuddle me, instead of responding with more negativity.

I know sounds complex right.  Like how is a pissy woman asking a man to cuddle her when she is being a bitch.  Well because – that fixes it.

When someone is dealing with their anxiety – they just need someone to talk them through it.

For every person it is different, but if your spouse has anxiety – I will give you a few pointers that would have helped me.

  1.  Take some of the work off of their back.  If they are in the kitchen doing the dishes, and appear to be in an episode, grab the sponge, and tell them to go take their cranky ass to bed, or go get in the bath.
  2. If they wake up cranky, cuddle them.  Make their coffee for them – it is like a switch – showing that thoughtfulness – can really change a person’s outlook for the day.
  3. Reassurance.  I have dealt with a lot, I don’t need constant reassurance – but I do appreciate a man that can say “you are the one” and actually mean it.  Someone with anxiety – typically never feels good enough – so this helps them cope with that.
  4. Do NOT use the condition against them.  We are already self-conscious about it – we don’t need you to put it out to make us feel even worse about ourselves.
  5. Know that even though, I am a strong woman, like most people with anxiety, and I got me 95% – that 5% is when I need a soft hand on my shoulder.
  6. Don’t make fun of us.  I often stutter when I am upset.  I stutter because sometimes I get incredibly excited, and the words just come out all fucked up.  I don’t need someone poking fun at that.
  7. Be loving, and kind.

I have accepted my condition, and I deal with it.

This is the main reason why I will NOT have a man in my life that brings frustration, or aggravation.  I physically cannot handle that, nor do I want to.

To be honest, it is pretty easy to help someone through an episode, you just have to take the time to listen, to care, and to love.

Then it passes, just like all storms.




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