Piping Dreams

It has been a very busy few weeks.  I not only knocked out a few cakes but was dealing with some medical issues 😉 But yay 🙂 back to feeling good 🙂

I would have to say that I have really fallen in love with baking and creating.  While it isn’t new for me to be in the kitchen (y’all know how them thick southern county girls are raised 🙂 haha) it is new for me to combine my creative side with my cooking side on different levels.

I have also enjoyed preparing and serving and watching people take a bite and really enjoy what was just made for them.  Homemade food is so different than fast food.  Being a single mother – going to dinner was a rare occurrence anyways – so most meals were cooked at home for my Turkey (daughter).  I have learned a lot over the years – and I always kind of looked at it like science.  For anyone that really does like to create new recipes – yes there is science involved. If you don’t know how certain chemicals react to certain tempatures, conditions, climate, lighting, blah blah – then you will have some fails along the way.  My work friends don’t mind so much hahaha 🙂

I look forward to continuing this adventure – despite if it takes off and soars  – or if it just hovers.  The best part of any creation is truly enjoying it.

There are long hours, and there are some nights to where I sit up researching and brainstorming – but at the end of the day – when it all comes together, it is beauty.  It is beauty that I created out of love for you to enjoy.

So happy week y’all.

Love and be loved my friends.

It’s a sweet life ❤


About Me

I am from a small town.  I was a single mother for most of my life, and we all know that times are tough on everyone.  I am offering a solution to birthday cakes for children that parents would not normally be able to afford.  If you have a situation or know someone that needs a birthday cake that otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford the store bought ones, please let me know.  Every child deserves a sweet treat – so if you have something in mind, but cannot afford the mainstream prices – please message me – I can work with you 😉  Love and be loved 🙂

I smell cake & candy….


Stay sweet my friends. 🙂




Custom Made Cakes

If you are looking for a homemade customized cake for your loved ones, for a reasonable price, send me a message.

Store bought cakes can be pricey.  ((((who has that kind of money?)))

They are beautiful but sometimes the taste isn’t always there (except Publix hahaha)

My cakes are tasty, adorable, custom, and can fit any occasion.

From beer cakes, to fish cakes, from tiaras to tomcats, I am ready to build a cake for your occasion.

Plus where do you even go to buy an adult cake without turning bright red all over??????????????

Well now you can have private pickup/delivery with no embarrassing walk of shame with your Spencer’s version cakes 🙂   HAHAHA

If you have any questions or concerned or would like to ask about availability please send me an email @ custommadelovejw@gmail.com.


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