No One Wants A Half Ass Man

Half Man No Thank You

Confidence Builder

I’m half my size and my confidence is feeling a little Rocky right now.

I am not even gonna pretend like this excess skin isn’t creating a slight self image complex. I know this is from all my bad habits followed with hard work and determination; however there is still this little voice that sometimes says, ” like wow this isn’t fair”

I hit my biggest milestone and almost immediately after, starting really noticing the skin.

I will overcome these feelings. The pants that my friend gave me work for now, at least with the legs. So at least I’m able to still hit the pavement 😏 without being in pain 😘

Let’s Talk Money – Fiscal Fitness

I don’t have any – but I do have a lot of great advice on how to make poor look pretty.

This is the best advice I give anyone in regards to finances.

First you need to determine your needs, vs your wants.

How do you discover that cause we all need everything?

Well if you are poor it comes easy – but for the rest – this might be actual work, but I make it easy.

So you are trying to figure out where to start with a budget because you need to save some money, or have something planned, and you are trying to determine what things you can keep, and what things you need to stop.

I will make it super easy for you.

Take the expense – and make it into an annual expense – and best believe you will be more than happy to trim some of that excess spending.

For example:


Are you a woman who get’s her nails done every two weeks like clock work?

What does it cost you ANNUALLY to have those beautiful nails?

Now let’s go with the lower cost – 20.00 (average in the Tampa Bay Market for a basic fill).

There are 52 weeks in the year, so if you are getting them done every other week – cut that in half.

So now you have $20.00 x 26 fills = You just spent $520.00 annually on your nails, if you were to only spend 20.00 and we all know – you never just spend the $20.00 unless you absolutely have to.

That is an incredible amount of money on nails.  This is how I survive on minimal income.  I translate everything into annual costing – and I make my decisions based on those numbers.  Of course this is easier when you have no money, than when you do have have money.  If that is the case, you will need discipline as well, but annual calculations will assist by making you more inclined to cut off unnecessary expenses.


Happy Budgeting Bitches.


My Deepest Demon for You to See

You know over the past few months if you scroll through my news feed you will notice an incredible transformation, and I’m not talking about the Weightloss I am talking about me coming out of my cacoon.

You see my entire life I held a Secret deep inside. Well that works out great till your daughter and you spend an incredible amount of time together. The older the get, the more they notice. Something you trying to hide, they eventually catch on to, cause God knows my family nosey as hell.

But you see, me rapping was almost like sinful. Not lady like. More for boys, and not a sweet southern mom from the Hills.

But that is me. So I lived this hidden life, shielding everyone from who I am, the thoughts that actually go on in my head.

But you see, this wasn’t talent in my family, there was no voice without tone, so not time was given to craft, what I realized was part of my life as a creative spirit.

I would show the world what was expected from me in the creative sense. Cakes, building, painting, drawing, decorating. I mean these are all things that people can be accepting of.

Be a white fat girl from the sticks and spit some of the shit that comes out my mouth, well you are looked at as mad, dramatic, and untamed. But really, it was my outlet. Probably why I was never happy. What made me truly happy, made people look at me like I was fucking crazy.

Well yeah know what? I am.

I am a good mom.

I am a good daughter

I am spiritual.

And yeah I have a mouth no one can control.


Momma Rapper

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