WTF Fried Banana Butter Pecan Homemade Ice Cream Recipe???

Fried Banana Butter Pecan Ice Cream


So a little history on ice cream – I am about that life.  There is never not a good time for ice cream.  I mean seriously, ice cream is one of the most universal foods in the world.  And the options are endless, especially when you make it at home.

Now the recipe is suited for me, and my diet.  This was also made on my cheat day – but can also be made to suite the keto diet – by omitting the banana and the agave, replace with stevia.


The concept is pretty simple – fry up some fruit and nuts, and add to some heavy whipping cream.

In the video attached, you will see the making of this beautiful creation.

Yes the video is rough – but it is real.  It also goes into the very small details that makes a difference.




6 ounces of heavy whipping cream

2 tbsp of sugar free hazelnut (works good with vanilla too)

Fried Fruits and Nuts:

1 cap of vanilla (this is what I typically always use for recipes)

1 banana

1/4 cup of pecans

1/4 cup of almonds

1/4 cup of coconut

2 tbsp of sweet cream butter

Melt butter in frying pan over medium high heat.  Once melted and heated add your almond slices, and chopped pecans, let it cook for a few minutes to soften.  Roughly 4-6 minutes.  Then you will add your vanilla, coconut, and banana.  Continue to fry for a few minutes allowing them to crisp a little on each side.

While this is frying – go ahead and prep your cream base by simply mixing your creamer and your heavy whipping cream.  I put this in the freezer for a few minutes – then whip it up, but not to a full whip, just slightly before.

Whip It

Put your fried fruits and nuts in the bottom of a pan, pour cream over, cover and set in freezer until firm.


Bam – fried banana butter pecan tropical ice cream.

Because I wanted to.



Do We Ever Really Find the “One”

Love like what the hell does it even mean?

We understand it when it comes to the people we are born into.  Our mother’s, father’s, children.  That type of love – although challenging sometimes – you typically do not have to question that love.

But what about a mate in life?  Do we really ever find the “one”?

I really don’t know the answer to that question, but what I do know – is that maybe we need to stop seeking the one and become the “one”.

I will have to elaborate on that cause at this point, you are probably looking at yourself and thinking – dam girl – I am the “one”.  But are you?  How honest are you in your current relationship?  Do you expect honesty yet not give it?  Do you continue to seek a “better” lover because you “deserve” one?  Let’s be real people!  Are you candid with your loved ones?  Do you express your feelings?  Do you even know who YOU are?  I mean really DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE?

Having a relationship will not validate you as a person.  Self discovery is hard, but one of the most rewarding and satisfying things you could ever accomplish.  Most of my life was spent dedicated to the needs of others – and now I am discovering my own needs, my own desires.

My insecurities are always heightened in a relationship.  But do you know why?  Because I was always the chameleon in the relationship.  Bending and turning to accommodate the needs of the men I wanted to be with.  Like look at me – I am perfect for you.  But that is fake.  Things that we do to “impress” a mate are really just a deceptive way for us chameleons to get the mate they want – then wonder why we aren’t happy.  Well dumb ass we aren’t happy because we are doing what THEY want and not what I want.

And y’all know what I am talking about too.  In the dating scene we all have a tendency to pretend to be something we are not to impress the date, and even modifier our normal behaviors because it is a date.

I, as well, am guilty of this, but no more.  Moving forward any dates will be conducted with 100% raw and unedited me, because that is who I am – the true me – and that is the one I want the next one to fall in love with.  Not the edited, and cleaned version.

I found true love.

True, unconditional love.

Within myself. img_20180515_103334_991


How Dating Could Destroy My Diet

Now this post may come off bitchy, so you must read through to the end to really understand my point of view.  And once you get done, even if you are married, you will most likely understand.

Now you might say to yourself – just because you get involved with someone doesn’t mean you have to kill your diet, but you would be wrong – cause I know how I am.  I know what I am capable of.

I also know how I am in relationships.

Let’s start off with the basics.  From the start – a lot of dates – are surrounded by what?  Yea – food.  Dinner, movies, food.  This is where you start to correlate foods with memories.

Then let’s go into the time.  You see, someone who gets up early in the mornings to workout, well after working all day – I’m too tired to go out.  The weekends come, and I have to take care of things around the house, and spend time with Marley & Leo (my pups).  Now even if I do make the time, guess what happens?  I go out, then go home, then I don’t get enough rest – so then no work out – then I hate you. Hahahaha.

I am also not oblivious to the reality in the success my weight loss either.


I am a cooking queen.  I love to create, I love to cook for people.  In my house –  before my child became an adult and moved out – we ate dinner at home everyday.  Now that I have an empty nest – I don’t have to cook, and often don’t.  I mean it’s just me – I can make my dinners in a few minutes flat.  My snacks generally consist of cheese or peanut butter but all lchf items.  When I am in a relationship, I use my food to do the seducing for me.  I want to cook at every opportunity to not only showcase my skills, but for level of involvement.  I enjoy an interactive man in the kitchen – but one that is suggestive and not controlling.  It’s fun when you find someone you love to cook with – but then again – that is again the issue – YOU ARE ALWAYS COOKING SO YOU ARE ALWAYS EATING. This goes for moms and dads too.  Children are little food monsters.  They are growing – they need to be fed.  We eat when they eat – so yea – it is harder when you have kids, or in a relationship.

So yea – dating could destroy my diet.


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City Life

It’s pretty busy for the police tonight. I’m sitting on my back porch and there are sirens in every direction.

Like what are y’all doing out there ?

Y’all need to calm the hell down and relax cause something going on out there tonight.

Weekend Woes

I lie to myself every weekend and say I’m going to rest, visit friends, and take it easy.

And just like clock work, every weekend something comes up, and there is no rest and still tons to do.

Now I ponder going to sleep or finishing chores so I can do absolutely Nada tomorrow.

But really will I do Nada? I wish my rise and grind button had an off switch.

When the Rooster Doesn’t Rise (not for children)

Yea ladies I would like to discuss this bedroom no rise to shine issue.

I would have to gander that if you ever had one in your hen house then you know exactly what I am referring to, but what happens when it becomes more than an occasional occurrence?

I mean we all get the drunken Rooster, the before first pee in the morning Rooster. But those are typically rare. And we understand those. But what about the times where he should have been able to wake the neighborhood? Cock a doodle Doo you into a great morning.

Well it becomes a bad morning right?

Oh Jesus the questions we ask ourselves. What happens when the Rooster rises but then falls back to sleep during? Like goodbye self esteem hello question every body part, and sink into a slight depression over his ignorance to not see all this yum yum.

Then the awkward questions afterwards. And roosters, it pisses the hens off. Like, we expect you to rise and shine. We consider it not only a disappointment in you but also in ourselves.

Yea there’s going to be questions. Whether they are voiced or not depends on the hen, but there will be assumptions of the Rooster hitting other hen houses on the way home from work. Or if the Rooster somehow bumped his head and no longer finds the fluffy hen so fantastically gorgeous anymore and has lost interest in those thick thighs. I mean the possibilities are endless.

I would like to know from both sides. The women, have you experienced this, if so, what was the outcome?

From the men, which I doubt many would be brave enough to answer, but if any takers, if you have had this issue, what was the reason why? And were you brave enough to discuss the reasons why at the time?

I am a talker, so when it has happened, and questioned it, I would always get “can we just leave it alone”

Yea sure noodle boy, I’ll just sit here and die in my feelings, pondering which bitch ur talking to this week. Hahahaha.

The Sad Side of Seduction

I had seen a meme about a woman trying to seduce her husband while he was watching TV.

I have never understood that. like if your woman is trying to be sexy, why do men have to act like they don’t see shit? Men and monkey game shit.

You know what that does? It causes her to feel like she isn’t sexy, then a few years later the man will say, you never get sexy for me anymore.

Well no shit Sherlock. It takes a lot for someone to feel comfortable in their own skin, so when a man ignores a woman’s advances it makes a woman feel ugly.

Yet these are often also the same men cheating with the hag from the corner too. Hahahaha. Like the kitty purring, why do y’all ignore that but then go pet someone else’s kitty? Like what is wrong with y’all in the head for real?

Thank God women love petting their own kitties.

Hahahaha happy weekend bitches.

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