The Dirty Hair Diaries

I know how gross a woman that doesn’t wash her hair but once every 7 to 8 days!! Hahaha – that was my first thought too when I came across an article while researching thinning hair.

Yep, I said thinning hair.  You are probably thinking to yourself dam, she only 37 wth???

Well if you have read the blog about the surgeries I had undergone a few years ago – then you know I had a full abdominal hysterectomy.  That sent me into menopause.  YES MENOPAUSE.  I was just getting into my early 30s when what didn’t seem so bad (no period) turned out to have several, very noticeable, reprocussions but again – the surgery wasn’t optional, so I guess this over the alternative was still a win.  So what the hell does menopause have to do with hair?  Well, apparently makes your dam hair thin out – to make you feel even older than you already feel because well sometimes life just can have it’s way with us because that’s just life.  You deal and figure out ways to prevent or fix the issues that show up.  Our bodies of ever-changing vessels, that is not the same one second to the next.

So here comes the research and configuration of the plan of attack cause I am NOT ABOUT THAT LIFE, NOT YET.  I mean I know it is inevitable and sometimes it gets taken for medical reasons – and I know it grows back – blah blah blah.  Here is the thing – my hair was the one part of my body that I took pride in.  Mainly because it was the one part of my body that I wasn’t miserable with.  I took pride in it – but I was always rough with my hair.  Being in sports, and growing up with Agua Net and curling irons, well yea burn baby burn.  Once I had become an adult – I wasn’t awful to my hair – but most of the time it was up in a tight bun.  As a mother, I was running around between work, school, and kid, no time for hair care, other than the constant washing it.

I would also like to mention that not all hair products are created equal.  I grew up washing my hair with Dawn, and Sauve.  The Dawn for when we ran out of Sauve hahahaha.  Hey even as an adult – I have never been shy to stock up with some Sauve.  You gotta do what you gotta do to make it and some months it’s Pantene and some its Sauve. I am NOT talking about Sauve professionals either hahaha. Balance people, and that was always better than when we did without. Single momma y’all so be judgy all you want cause at the end of the day I know what a blessing is and so does my child.

I am not going to go into which product is better than which – cause that isn’t what this post is about.  Just pay attention to what is in your shampoo and conditioner – and with what I am about to tell you – if you follow  you will save money in both, so maybe you can spring to spend a little more since you will be using less.  Everyone’s hair is different, so what worked for me, may not work for you.  Although, I have found that it’s working for the women around me.  When my daughter lived with me, she is now an adult and living on her own, we could easily go through a bottle of each a week.  We both have long hair – and we are active – so we would wash our hair just about every day or every other day, but I would never make it past day 2 cause my hair would be so greasy.  That is of course a great reminder that your hair is gross and needs to be washed.  I have fine hair, and as people with fine hair know – looks like we poured baby oil on the top of our scalps on that 3rd day.  And plus like I live in Florida.  You don’t walk outside without being covered in sweat – so like ya kind of need to wash your hair every day, OR DO YOU?

So back to the thinning mane of mine.  So one day, I am picking up my loving daughter from her father’s.  A man I married at 18, he was 17, divorced 2 years into the marriage.  We have a weird relationship.  When our relationship ended, it ended, we never looked back.  We both moved on, and all that.  When we get around each other though – we kind of are mean to each other but playful.  Always bluntly honest.  I will call him Shrek and he will poke fun of my high forehead.  Yea I have a big forehead hahaha. I was raised with boys – so our demeanor with each other is just reminiscent of childhood friends and nothing more.  So anyways, I had to explain that because if I were tell that you that my baby daddy said I was going bald – you would be like wtf???? Hahaha – but he was right – and if anyone was going to say something it was always gonna be him or my kid – the only two people that would say it in a jokingly but loving manner.  Well now of course the whole ride home I’m checking the rear view every chance I get – running my fingers through my hair – obsessing – so I finally look over at Kate and ask her.  She says “Momma I didn’t want to be the one to tell you – but yea a little – like it isn’t bad – but it’s noticeable.”

Now here is the thing – I kind of already knew.  My hair had been shedding more than usual, noticeable in the shower.  Here is the thing though – I have long hair – down to my fat arse.  Losing hair in the shower – it is a normal process.  Like I shed hair just breathing so to see a little extra you figure it is just a stress related ordeal and you move on about your business until your baby and baby daddy wanna pop off the mouth with some true shit that got you all up in your feels about your life.

Well thank God this whole ordeal happened – because I went to the doctor and questioned him about my quick aging scalp.  The explanation was quick and to the point. I was post menopausal – this is your new life.



So I went home – bought some Rogaine and sat in the bathroom for 2 hours crying.  Then put my big girl panties on and started doing some research.  I will be straight forward – Rogaine works, but it takes months.  I didn’t like how it left my hair feeling, and I am a constant hair toucher, so I used it for a while off and on – which I am sure if you use as directed – works even better cause I was off and on with that more than my ex – and that was quite frequent hahhahaha.

Well I had went and got my hair trimmed at Walmart in Land O Lakes.  Yea – judge IT IDC – Wal-mart got the goods. Single mom’s got to do in all in one trip.  Cash the check, get them groceries, grab that dog food, get those school supplies, pick up some shoes, get that hair cut, grab you some Subway, get your kid’s eyes checked.  And all you gotta do – throw the kid in the cart and go.

So here we are – and I am asking for a very specific 1/2 inch no more, and the hair dresser – asks me “do you wear your hair that tight all the time, did you know that is bad for your scalp?” Well no, no I fkng didn’t.  Great.  So not only is my body playing against me – but I am playing against it.  If you live in Florida you would understand that it is hard to have long hair on your back, especially when it is sticking to the sweat on your love handles when your shirt lifts up. Most of the time, women with long hair only take it down when indoors for the night.

So this leads to a deep dive into my research project – looking high and low for all the dumb shit I am doing to my hair.  One of the biggest things – WASHING IT TOO MUCH.



Well I came across a few articles that dicussed a few different things that I tried.  A lot of them I just couldn’t keep up with.  There wasn’t enough “cleansing” involved for someone like me who works out most days.  Well I finally came across an article about a gradual wash decrease.  So I started with that, and incorporated a few other things.  Now gradual increase was a process and defintely something you have to get used to.  It was a process that took almost 2 months.  Often because I would dead stop.  The process is quite simple.  Just stop washing it for an extra day each week.  So if you normally wash every day – you move to every other day.  Then every 3 days, then every 4, etc.  Well I finally found a schedule that works pretty well for me.  And my hair is quite thicker.  Now I have added some product – but you use very minimal amounts – and really you can use some alternatives which I will go over.  I will go over a typical 7 day schedule with you.  Again – this works for me, it won’t work for every one – but if you can train your hair to wash minimally – you will start seeing the health benefits in your hair.


Monday morning:  Full wash – shampoo/conditioner (I alternate shampoos – but I get them all from WallyWorld y’all – just get what works for you)

Tuesday – NADA

Wednesday – NYC Primer (it is just a spritz, so it is quick and smells good, think of it like a perfume for your hair, I got a sample free from Ipsy and fell in love)

Thursday – dry shampoo at top BEFORE workout, hair mask on tips before shower.  Rinse both out in shower.

Friday – NYC Primer

Saturday – water wash, and condition tips.  I work in the yard on Saturdays, my hair gets dirt, grass, etc all up in it.  A water wash is simply just that – rinse thoroughly with warm water and really work to clean the hair out – just rinse some conditioner through the ends.

Sunday – NADA

My hair is much thicker, and stronger.  My ends are healthier.

A few other things I stopped.

Brushing hair while wet.


I leave my hair down as much as possible – and use clips when possible. I make every attempt to avoid tight buns, make em loose ladies.

This worked for me, not saying it will work for you too.  I just kind of figure all those oils I was washing out – my hair needed.

By the way – when you hair is in the “dirty stage” it is easier to style and curl.






The Fireworks Then The Explosion ~ Momma Rapper in Her Feels

How many time have you dated someone and like you honestly thought wow this could be the one that changes every perception you have of relationships, love, acceptance, understanding? Only to come to the same conclusion each and every time. Hell now I don’t even give the opportunity for error. I just need candid honest, I can be incredibly understanding of many situations, but not of deception.

I need to lead the next relationship with both feet planted firmly in the right direction.

I just don’t have the energy to have to feel unsteady because of betrayal.


momma rapper

He Is Stealing My Baby

Yep my baby girl is getting married. In less than a month away.

She is young. Only 19. I know the reactions by some but let me say this.

This is her life. She is young and she is free to live her life how she chooses. Who am I to say what is right for her? If I knew how things were supposed to be done, I wouldn’t be sitting here two times divorced, once damaged in measures most wouldn’t understand.

We are all quick to judge what is right for someone else, who makes you the fucking expert? Shit I’m knocking on 40 and like I don’t have the shit figured out.

Love and acceptance is what we seek and value the most. She knows she will always have that, congrats baby girl.

I love you

My daughter is getting married.

Naked Beauty – Find Your Sexy – Self – Love

The title means exactly what you think it means.  Yes ladies, I am talking about feeling beautiful when you are naked.  The moment a lot of women fear, self-hate is a norm for us, but I am here to explain to you how I fixed that – and easily too.

No, I am not going to go into the working out, and all that.  I mean in reality – you guys know working out – eating healthy – creates healthy mindsets – I don’t need to be the one to tell you that, I am here to tell you that selfies can cure your self-hate image of yourself, or at the very least help some.

For me, up until my life become a solo mission – I had self-image issues.  Every insecurity you could think of – fear of mirrors, no photo please –  kind of personality.  Well now, not so much, now I am like ooo hey girl hey, to myself.  And I did that by playing dress up in some sexy stuff.

OMG I know I sound like I am 5.  Here is the thing – IDC.  I went and bought some sexy stuff.  I mean some pretty sexy stuff.  Stuff that I thought was cute – and since I am on a solo mission – trying to find things that fit a man’s vision isn’t a concern for me.  I buy it for me.  I then took these items home, and try them on.  In front of a mirror.  I take some videos, snap a few pics, then sit back and look at all that glory God has bestowed upon me.

The first time it was hard.  I could see every dimple in my thighs, I could see that my waist was so wide, that my ass looked flat from the backside.  There were all these imperfections, but then I noticed something, when I stopped looking at all the little imperfections, and I looked at myself as whole person – I didn’t look bad at all.  Like dam girl where you been my whole life?

Yea I know cocky right?  I don’t care.  Cocky sure the hell beats depression.

Now it takes some time.  And this is something I still do to this day.  Since my body has been changing from losing the weight – I am discovering a whole new body.  Even without the weight loss though – I was/am discovering my naked beauty.

My most vulnerable stage, and I am presenting it to myself.  It is a honesty thing.  Acceptance thing.  This is me, and I am beautiful.

I am undoing what has been told to me for many many years.

I mean after all – why in the hell do we allow someone else’s voice carry more value than our own?

No one knows the inner you – more than you – stop giving people that much authority over your thoughts and emotions.  Your voice is stronger than theirs, and your voice will be heard more by you than theirs.

I would like to challenge all my friends to do the same.  Find your sexy – within you – by you.  Build your confidence.  Make is solid – then it can never be shattered.

Flaunt your fabulous 🙂



When the Rooster Doesn’t Rise (not for children) Bedroom Talk

Yea ladies I would like to discuss this bedroom no rise to shine issue.

I would have to gander that if you ever had one in your hen house then you know exactly what I am referring to, but what happens when it becomes more than an occasional occurrence?

I mean we all get the drunken Rooster, the before first pee in the morning Rooster. But those are typically rare. And we understand those. But what about the times where he should have been able to wake the neighborhood? Cock a doodle Doo you into a great morning.

Well it becomes a bad morning right?

Oh Jesus the questions we ask ourselves. What happens when the Rooster rises but then falls back to sleep during? Like goodbye self esteem hello question every body part, and sink into a slight depression over his ignorance to not see all this yum yum.

Then the awkward questions afterwards. And roosters, it pisses the hens off. Like, we expect you to rise and shine. We consider it not only a disappointment in you but also in ourselves.

Yea there’s going to be questions. Whether they are voiced or not depends on the hen, but there will be assumptions of the Rooster hitting other hen houses on the way home from work. Or if the Rooster somehow bumped his head and no longer finds the fluffy hen so fantastically gorgeous anymore and has lost interest in those thick thighs. I mean the possibilities are endless.

I would like to know from both sides. The women, have you experienced this, if so, what was the outcome?

From the men, which I doubt many would be brave enough to answer, but if any takers, if you have had this issue, what was the reason why? And were you brave enough to discuss the reasons why at the time?

I am a talker, so when it has happened, and questioned it, I would always get “can we just leave it alone”

Yea sure noodle boy, I’ll just sit here and die in my feelings, pondering which bitch ur talking to this week. Hahahaha.

Starbucks Therapy


closed white and green starbucks disposable cup
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My Five Minute Attitude Adjustment

Today is a rough day – but you know what?  That is okay – not every day is going to be rainbows and butterflies.

So what does today call for – some perky love from Starbucks.  I had me a gift card, and the wonderful young man at the Fowler location whipped up some good good.

While he has no idea what he did for me – there is a reason why we call some foods, comfort food.

I simply asked the man to make me something sugar free, that is comforting – and he made it happen.

To the gentleman at that location – high five buddy – you did a great job.

Sometimes we don’t know what people are going through – he didn’t know what I was going through – he didn’t have to.  He paid attention to what I needed and he delivered.  And I am thankful for that.  I got back to work – feeling much better.

He doesn’t know how much that little cup of joe meant to me – but it calmed down my nerves, so that I could have me a nice attitude adjustment.

Thanks Starbucks.

Post Coffee Attitude



My Turmoil Over The Truth – The Deeper Side

Yes, for me, there is turmoil over the truth.

You see, I am very much a truth seeker.  And not just in the relationship sector of my life, in just about any aspect of my life.  I mean I can read an article, and if it sounds a little off, I am verifying, and researching.  I mean, part of that is why I am good at my regular job.  I am incredibly analytical, and that ladies and gents is a huge issue in relationships.

Most of my jobs have surrounded around finding errors, or missing links between data.  Now I am not saying that I don’t make mistakes, I am human, and often times when typing – I am thinking so fast – that sometimes I miss words, or I may have a grammar error from time to time.  I have a fast paced life, along with a phone that is on its last leg – with plenty of broken glass that I take a risk my life on every time I am on it.  Hey times are tough, and really I am able to accomplish the things I need to, so all is well for now.

Now take that error finding personality and apply that to your home.  Now if honesty and integrity in relationships was still a valid thing, then this probably wouldn’t be an issue; however, I become almost a challenge to a man.  And we all know how men love a challenge.  Like, hmm, she good – let’s see how good, let me see what I can actually get away with before she catches on.

Well not very far.  You see, when a women tells you she is analytical – pay attention to that – because that means that by nature, even if she seems like she isn’t paying attention, she is.   This translates to knowing your schedule/ routine, and close to the minute.

Well you might be thinking – well okay – most people do.  Yea – well do you know many minutes your spouse’s shower is,or how long it takes them to cook breakfast? Basically being able to walk through their life in my own eyes, but for me, it translates to numbers.

I don’t even do it intentionally – and it isn’t immediate or overnight – it is the repetition of events that stick to my brain.  It isn’t like I am calculating either, but certain things correlate for me.  For example, if you listen to music in the shower, you listen to 3 songs, depending on the type of music – typically you can expect most songs to be between 3.5 to 5 minutes in length, so typically you can expect your shower to be between 10.5 to 15 minutes in length.  It’s the correlation that makes markers in my brain.

To further that, when people speak to me, my brain is in auto pilot and draws out a picture in my head of the events taking place, and typically can pick out errors in stories.  I don’t know – it is verbal connectivity.  I love it for work purposes – and hate it when it comes to my own personal life.

Yea – I said that – because sometimes ignorance is bliss.  Maybe if I was living in a world where deception wasn’t the new truth – then yea it wouldn’t be an issue.  And like I get it.  There is so many outlets available to people to pursue infidelity.  Everyone promising everyone to be better than the last one – but really – it is the chase people love.  Not saying there aren’t people out there that find the “one” and live happily ever after – I am just saying there is a group of us in which this is our reality.

I am not being bitter either.  How many of you would HONESTLY hand their spouse their phone, and have no concerns what so ever?  And I mean complete transparency too? No deleting.  If your spouse had access to your data files, and was able to sift through ever since piece of your life on that phone, would you have concerns?

I don’t believe in privacy in a relationship.  Yea – yea I know – OMG.  How horrible.  Say what you want – but if a man is going to be laying next to me, and inside of my body – well then there is no privacy.  Sorry not sorry.  Not off the bat – but if I am in a long term committed relationship (which is often when this starts happening), then yea.  You start acting shady – what’s up – what you doing?

You want privacy with your phone – I am gonna need some privacy with this p*****.  I know sounds bitchy – but hey – whatever – it’s my life, and honestly – if you value that phone and what is in it – over your relationship, then you shouldn’t be in a relationship.

When you are in your twenties you concern yourself with relationships, by the time you get to be my age – late 30s – you just want honesty and security.  My pursuit of happiness now most definitely does not include a relationship.  I am completely emotionally disconnected from the male population too.  Any advances are often not noticed, and even with they are noticed – I promptly reject the idea.  Not today Satan.  I am not joking either – I have no intention nor want the distraction or frustration that comes with dating.  I am not ready – and I don’t have to be.

I want the type of relationship that includes honestly.  I want a best friend.  Your spouse is the only one that should know the deeper side of you (in all ways hahahahaha).

Have a great week 🙂


The Many Men and Why Women Think They Are All the Same

Partly because most are the same, just in different ways.

Let me explain this.

I don’t believe this is just for women either. I’ve come to know that men often feel these same feelings, that trust is now a thing of the past.

We constantly seek acceptance, however we are never accepting of ourselves. A feeling that often leads us in finding fullfilment in a spouse, which always leads to failed, pressured, heated and intense arguments.

We have become a society that seeks the next big thing. We are constant seekers of improvement but we try to improve in the wrong ways.

Men and women alike look around themselves and looks at their spouse and says, hmm how can I improve who they are to suite my lifestyle? And if they don’t comply, what happens? The seeking begins, looking for one that will comply.

For men, it is often times a physical denial. If a woman doesn’t fulfill a sexual desire, a man will seek it. I have come to know, that often times it isn’t because a man is just horny. Often times it’s because he has a feeling of rejection. For a man, sexual rejection is like a stab in the soul.

Women, they are emotional seekers. So if a woman doesn’t feel emotionally satisfied, she will begin to seek. When a woman gets emotionally shut down, the insecurities begin because she doesn’t feel valued enough to have her opinion mean something. So when a man comes along, with an open ear, she is eager.

Most of the time, we seek to fix each other, instead of fixing ourselves. Then by sticking it out with the wrong ones, we feel like we are stronger, because we accomplished something by modifying someone’s negative behaviors.

What I have noticed too, that yeah we modify their behaviors for sure. They get sneakier, better at their deceptions.

How will you know who you are if you are always modifying who you are to fit someone else’s idolization of who you should be?????? ~ The Momma Rapper

I know I am different, and I’m okay with that. I will continue to be the truth in a false world.

Marley & Me – A Dog’s Tale

Meet Marley


I can say without a doubt – he is the love of my life.  They always say dogs come into our lives for a reason – and I truly believe that.  To be quite honest I was kind of in that in between stage.  Wanting a dog, but knowing you can’t really afford another mouth to feed.  Well the kid and I had tossed around the idea, and it just so happened about a week after that conversation – along came home a very rough-looking pup.  A fat one, but a rough-looking one.


(My two babies)

OMG isn’t he just the cutest.  Yes he is.  I know.  LOOK AT HIM hahahaha.  My daughter quite beautiful too – I KNOW.  I have beautiful babies.  Marley was actually her dog the first few weeks – but she is young – and well I used that against her to take possession of him.  I basically force adopted him hahahaha.  But really she knew him and I were meant to be.  Especially after the night she wanted to take him out-of-town and I had a complete crying fit – yeah – that was the night I knew I fell in love with him.

I am not joking either.  My daughter can attest to this story.  I was getting onto her about having the responsibilities of having a dog – and that she couldn’t be leaving during the weekends and leaving the dog to  me.

Then she pop off with – well I will take him with me.  HELL NO.  Like it was bad enough my child was grown – but like now you wanna take my grand baby riding around doing God knows what, what if he runs off or gets hurt.  He won’t know how to get home cause he just got here.  Yea yea – I know – I became my mother.

The thing is – that for those 3 weeks that Marley had been here – Katie had been gone on the weekends.  Me and this little one – we started doing things together.  Like, everything.  At the time he was a pup – I still had a regular vehicle.  So he got to go to the laundry mat, to the grocery store, I mean he was little so like you could just hold him like a baby hahaha.  screenshot_2017-12-01-10-45-35

Marley car rides

Isn’t he adorable 🙂 hahaha.

A bond that is really unmatched.  If I had to choose to do something with friends or Marley, it’s gonna be Marley.  I mean after all, he has been there through a lot.  And he is always down to do whatever.

All I got to say is “Marley wanna go ______” and he is like yep.  I could say let’s go to bed, he would be like, yep.  Wanna go on a walk, YEEEPPPP.  Wanna dance, yep.  Wanna throw fetch, yep.  Wanna sit out back and watch the stars, YEP.  He really does enjoy those things – or he is just pretty good at playing along hahahaha.


Marley nap time

He gets me through the tough times.  He makes me laugh when I am sad.  He loves me unconditionally, despite how I look, how I feel, he is always there.  If I want to eat junk food, he says nothing, he just wants a bite, he is most definitely my partner in crime.  He is tough when he needs to be, even though he acts like a baby sometimes – when called to arms – he is there.

To be honest – he reminds me a little of my dad.  He does the things I know my dad would do if he was still here, and that would be comfort and protect.  Two things I’ve never experienced from a spouse, I at least had the blessing of having that growing up.  Something many people lack, and probably why I pose as a challenge for most men – because a weak man will never be a good match for me.

Yep, a Daddy’s girl.  Raised in the mud, tough as nails, a mouth you can’t control, witty and wild.

There are a lot of things that I know I would have never done alone, that I have been able to do because I have Marley by my side.  And a lot of those things have to do with my father.

As I mentioned in a previous blog post – we spent a great deal of time outdoors, as a family, building cypress furniture.  Even as kids, all of us, my cousins included would gather around a peel bark – or do whatever to earn money to able to go to the store.

Yea sounds crazy – but it taught us how to earn a living.  Nothing in life is free, NOTHING.  It cost someone, something, somehow, in some capacity, even if it is free to you.  Most of us picked up some tricks of the trade, and while my skill is nothing compared to the boys of the family, being the only girl – I can still build some shit.

It had been a long time since I had picked up a hammer, other than to hang picture frames.  I always loved to build things too.  That wasn’t really an option in the second marriage.  My vision didn’t line up with his – so it was better to just set that to the side, it was better than arguing.

You see, I got Marley at a time where I was transitioning into the single life, once again, and this time, in a different capacity than ever before.  At the time I didn’t know it, but looking back now.  I don’t know – he brought me companionship in a time where I needed it the most.

As I have said previously, single life isn’t for the weak.  There are a lot of lonely nights – and often times you can find yourself losing sleep, or losing yourself.  Trying to analyze your life, trying figure it all out.  Scary nights.  Getting used to the silence.  It was all scary.  Yes, even though I hate to admit it, even those crying nights.  You might say, well you got a kid.  Yea – a grown one, and even two years ago – she was still 17 – she was still gone most weekends.

Well do you know what happens when you get a pup?  They keep you busy.  They give you someone to talk to.  They kiss your tears away.  They curl up to you when you need them.  He makes me laugh.  He protects the house.  He watches movies, and even is my personal trainer.  Yep my personal trainer, cause he loves him some jogging.



Marley Playing

With having Marley by my side, I guess in a way – it helped me learn more about me, because I am more willing to do things alone, because really I am not alone.  He is here.  He helped me paint the house we are in, helped me build quite a few picture frames.  He stands in the kitchen and watches me cook without saying anything when I am sneaking some snacksies.  Probably cause he just waiting on his.

Most people think he got the name from the movie, but actually after The Marley family.  And while I joke that Marley is nothing like his name intended, cause he has no chill, in reality – he name is very suiting.  He brought me love and peace at a time in which a war was raging within my soul.  He helped me get back to my creative and adventurous side.  He is my peace.  I mean you walk into your doors, and like how could your day not be left at the door, when they are so excited to see you??? Like they love you – even if you are covered in sweat, dirt, they gives no fks.  They like come here let me lick yo face! Hahahaha.



So the next time you look at Mars and say he isn’t my son – you can kiss my jelly fish.


Marley & Me


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