Shitty Saturday – Dog Tale

Being a dog mom involves quite a bit.


One of those things is picking up massive piles of shit before mowing the yard.


If you don’t understand why.  Go take your lawn mower, and mow down a pile of shit.


Yea – I ain’t getting that shit on me.


Yea you can see Marley’s concern over the situation.  He gives no fks.


It’s a dog’s world.

Young Love

Yes my daughter is young and is getting married.

I even was like but but but you just a baby.

In reality though, she is an adult, and she has the right to live her life how she chooses to.  She has been with her fiance for quite some time, and I support her decisions.

We all just want to be free to be happy.  How about we support each other and leave that negative shit behind ya.

You will feel better about life.

Young Love

Men and Music

I am not here for men, just music.

Most definitely a man’s world.  As a woman I am trying to get honest and straightforward advice from friends and yet their focus:  NOT MUSIC

I hate when men do this.  You don’t even give yourself enough time to let a woman get to know you.  This isn’t instawife.

I would love to meet a man with similar music interests, but it has to be developed.  You come at me with “send me pics” or “you single” and immediately I lose interest.

I have posted questions, which get ignored, and yet you in my inbox?

You want to get my attention engage me with our interest in music.


Get my attention

Weightloss Moment Captured in Song

I was sitting out back tonight thinking about how peaceful my life, despite having to scoop dog piles tomorrow hahahaha. Lawn day. Anyways.

I had a thought. I thought myself a song using the scale noises from yesterday and made me a song to forever remember the day I got below 200 pounds.

It was a huge day to hear the 1 come thru, a number I thought I would only ever hear in the later two numbers.

I hope u give it a listen, it’s kind of cute.


Steady on that Grind

198 Club

My crazy ass on a Friday

Wedding Woes – The Mother of the Bride

So my beautiful angel is getting married in less that 2 weeks away.

This weekend will be wedding overdrive, especially considering, we only have 3 weeks to get it together.

I have to say though – I am quite impressed with how she is putting things together.

I can see my passive aggressive, obsessive compulsive disorder really shining through in her planning.  She has detailed lists, plans, and visions, and she is putting it together quite nicely.

She has passed out assignments – and like I like that.  She knows what she wants, and she knows who is good at what, and like I am just sitting over here, like yep – I made that – grinning from ear to ear.

My duties include cake (duh), a lot of food (splitting that with the baby daddy, yes he can cook too), hair, bouquets, some decor.

No worries, cause she gave me a list.

A little history on that – I was pegged as “Lists” in college.  Look I am a busy woman with some short term memory loss bhahaha – so yea we love us some lists.

I am proud of her.

In other news though – this boy stealing my baby -_-



Let’s Talk Money – Fiscal Fitness

I don’t have any – but I do have a lot of great advice on how to make poor look pretty.

This is the best advice I give anyone in regards to finances.

First you need to determine your needs, vs your wants.

How do you discover that cause we all need everything?

Well if you are poor it comes easy – but for the rest – this might be actual work, but I make it easy.

So you are trying to figure out where to start with a budget because you need to save some money, or have something planned, and you are trying to determine what things you can keep, and what things you need to stop.

I will make it super easy for you.

Take the expense – and make it into an annual expense – and best believe you will be more than happy to trim some of that excess spending.

For example:


Are you a woman who get’s her nails done every two weeks like clock work?

What does it cost you ANNUALLY to have those beautiful nails?

Now let’s go with the lower cost – 20.00 (average in the Tampa Bay Market for a basic fill).

There are 52 weeks in the year, so if you are getting them done every other week – cut that in half.

So now you have $20.00 x 26 fills = You just spent $520.00 annually on your nails, if you were to only spend 20.00 and we all know – you never just spend the $20.00 unless you absolutely have to.

That is an incredible amount of money on nails.  This is how I survive on minimal income.  I translate everything into annual costing – and I make my decisions based on those numbers.  Of course this is easier when you have no money, than when you do have have money.  If that is the case, you will need discipline as well, but annual calculations will assist by making you more inclined to cut off unnecessary expenses.


Happy Budgeting Bitches.


Deception is for Dickheads Men and Women Alike

I know that I come off as a man hating feminist – but in reality – I love me some men.  I just avoid them at all costs because let’s be real – most of y’all have


I am tired of getting hurt – so unless you come 100% I don’t want ya!

You do not have the right to be happy if you are out here hurting people because you can’t deal with your own truth.

Stop living a lie.

This one gonna hurt some

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