Custom Made Cakes

If you are looking for a homemade customized cake for your loved ones, for a reasonable price, send me a message.

Store bought cakes can be pricey.  ((((who has that kind of money?)))

They are beautiful but sometimes the taste isn’t always there (except Publix hahaha)

My cakes are tasty, adorable, custom, and can fit any occasion.

From beer cakes, to fish cakes, from tiaras to tomcats, I am ready to build a cake for your occasion.

Plus where do you even go to buy an adult cake without turning bright red all over??????????????

Well now you can have private pickup/delivery with no embarrassing walk of shame with your Spencer’s version cakes 🙂   HAHAHA

If you have any questions or concerned or would like to ask about availability please send me an email @


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