Fancy Bread Recipe The Carb Catering Tales

Oh no, it is the horrible carb loaded bad boy BREAD hahahaha.  I know, I know – I can hear you ask yourself – but she is on modified keto, what is she doing with this delicate looking delight?  Well because not everyone is on keto, and because it’s important for a wide range ofContinue reading “Fancy Bread Recipe The Carb Catering Tales”

Why Do We Stay In Dead End Relationships?

Probably for the same reason we stay in dead end jobs.  Partly because we are lazy, and partly because it is comfortable.  I speak from experience.  I mean how many times does a man need to screw up before I am like okay – you need to go?  Apparently quite a bit. I have beenContinue reading “Why Do We Stay In Dead End Relationships?”

Changing Cheese Sauce – The Kicking Keto Recipe – DO YOU DARE?

The Yum Yum  Yea, you heard me, and if you are following me on IG, or FB then you already know what is up!!!! The Changing Cheese Sauce has forever changed my life. I make 95% of my meals at home.  Not only can I cook, but finances are tight – and eating out –Continue reading “Changing Cheese Sauce – The Kicking Keto Recipe – DO YOU DARE?”

The Dirty Hair Diaries

I know how gross a woman that doesn’t wash her hair but once every 7 to 8 days!! Hahaha – that was my first thought too when I came across an article while researching thinning hair. Yep, I said thinning hair.  You are probably thinking to yourself dam, she only 37 wth??? Well if youContinue reading “The Dirty Hair Diaries”

The Fireworks Then The Explosion ~ Momma Rapper in Her Feels

How many time have you dated someone and like you honestly thought wow this could be the one that changes every perception you have of relationships, love, acceptance, understanding? Only to come to the same conclusion each and every time. Hell now I don’t even give the opportunity for error. I just need candid honest,Continue reading “The Fireworks Then The Explosion ~ Momma Rapper in Her Feels”