Marley & Me – A Dog’s Tale

Meet Marley I can say without a doubt – he is the love of my life.  They always say dogs come into our lives for a reason – and I truly believe that.  To be quite honest I was kind of in that in between stage.  Wanting a dog, but knowing you can’t really affordContinue reading “Marley & Me – A Dog’s Tale”

Do We Ever Really Find the “One”

Love like what the hell does it even mean? We understand it when it comes to the people we are born into.  Our mother’s, father’s, children.  That type of love – although challenging sometimes – you typically do not have to question that love. But what about a mate in life?  Do we really everContinue reading “Do We Ever Really Find the “One””

Naked Beauty – Find Your Sexy – Self – Love

The title means exactly what you think it means.  Yes ladies, I am talking about feeling beautiful when you are naked.  The moment a lot of women fear, self-hate is a norm for us, but I am here to explain to you how I fixed that – and easily too. No, I am not goingContinue reading “Naked Beauty – Find Your Sexy – Self – Love”

Complete Savage – The Tomboy Tales

Machete Moves And yes I can say that because I work hard to be, so let’s argue?? Hahahaha. When I say I never shy away from hard work – I absolutely mean it – especially if my mother needs help.  Last weekend – she was working in the yard – and came across something thatContinue reading “Complete Savage – The Tomboy Tales”