A Mother’s Love – Momma Rapper

Poetry/ Poems by Me These are in reference to my life.  My daily struggle.  We all have them.  Being a mom – well dam like it is hard.  When the baby daddy isn’t around – you have to figure it out all alone.  I don’t regret one minute.  It shapes us for who we are. Continue reading “A Mother’s Love – Momma Rapper”

Domestic Violence Awareness – My Abuse Recovery Story

As most of my friends know – I was a victim of domestic violence for roughly 10 years.  This is my story. Next Month is Domestic Violence Awareness. There is life after them. Please give my video a try – and share. It might help give hope to some who feel hopeless. I have beenContinue reading “Domestic Violence Awareness – My Abuse Recovery Story”

Lazy Ass Men

Dating today is really difficult.  Men expect quite a bit from a woman, and commitment seems to lack.  I mean real commitment – not just committed while you in front of me, while you behind my back too.  If you are in a committed relationship – then privacy is out the window.  Have some damContinue reading “Lazy Ass Men”

Dudes be like nah it wasn’t me

I will confuse you with the variety of ish I will be posting about.  While like all creative souls – we may have different creative things we enjoy to do.  Growing up my brother – he played a guitar and sang and to be honest – he has quite the voice.  Well I do notContinue reading “Dudes be like nah it wasn’t me”