Lazy Ass Men

Dating today is really difficult.  Men expect quite a bit from a woman, and commitment seems to lack.  I mean real commitment – not just committed while you in front of me, while you behind my back too.  If you are in a committed relationship – then privacy is out the window.  Have some damContinue reading “Lazy Ass Men”

My Deepest Demon for You to See

You know over the past few months if you scroll through my news feed you will notice an incredible transformation, and I’m not talking about the Weightloss I am talking about me coming out of my cacoon. You see my entire life I held a Secret deep inside. Well that works out great till yourContinue reading “My Deepest Demon for You to See”

Deception is for Dickheads Men and Women Alike

I know that I come off as a man hating feminist – but in reality – I love me some men.  I just avoid them at all costs because let’s be real – most of y’all have RELATIONSHIP ADD I am tired of getting hurt – so unless you come 100% I don’t want ya!Continue reading “Deception is for Dickheads Men and Women Alike”

Cheesy Chasing Omelette

Cheesy Chasing Omelette When I say cheesy – I mean cheesy. This omelette is actually incredibly easy to make – just – and feeds quite a few people. So if you are on a tight budget – and trying to get creative with your eggs – here ya go. Makes for a beautiful plating –Continue reading “Cheesy Chasing Omelette”

The Suga Woes

A little background about me and food, I love to create. It’s experimental for me.  Scientific.  Especially sugar.  A very universal and divine creation by God that has a wide range of capabilities including but not limited to making your thighs magically grow. Now listen this isn’t a sugar bashing blog post, I mean afterContinue reading “The Suga Woes”

A Mother’s Love – Momma Rapper

Poetry/ Poems by Me These are in reference to my life.  My daily struggle.  We all have them.  Being a mom – well dam like it is hard.  When the baby daddy isn’t around – you have to figure it out all alone.  I don’t regret one minute.  It shapes us for who we are. Continue reading “A Mother’s Love – Momma Rapper”