Lazy Ass Men

Dating today is really difficult.  Men expect quite a bit from a woman, and commitment seems to lack.  I mean real commitment – not just committed while you in front of me, while you behind my back too.  If you are in a committed relationship – then privacy is out the window.  Have some damContinue reading “Lazy Ass Men”

The Aftermath of Abuse~ the Whore Walk

I am going to get pretty real about my own life, and I know some of this might be like wow, but if you actually knew me in real life, none of this has part of my life has ever been hidden. The things you would think I should hide from the world, I findContinue reading “The Aftermath of Abuse~ the Whore Walk”

My Deepest Demon for You to See

You know over the past few months if you scroll through my news feed you will notice an incredible transformation, and I’m not talking about the Weightloss I am talking about me coming out of my cacoon. You see my entire life I held a Secret deep inside. Well that works out great till yourContinue reading “My Deepest Demon for You to See”

Confidence Builder

I’m half my size and my confidence is feeling a little Rocky right now. I am not even gonna pretend like this excess skin isn’t creating a slight self image complex. I know this is from all my bad habits followed with hard work and determination; however there is still this little voice that sometimesContinue reading “Confidence Builder”