Weightloss Moment Captured in Song

I was sitting out back tonight thinking about how peaceful my life, despite having to scoop dog piles tomorrow hahahaha. Lawn day. Anyways. I had a thought. I thought myself a song using the scale noises from yesterday and made me a song to forever remember the day I got below 200 pounds. It wasContinue reading “Weightloss Moment Captured in Song”

Wedding Woes – The Mother of the Bride

So my beautiful angel is getting married in less that 2 weeks away. This weekend will be wedding overdrive, especially considering, we only have 3 weeks to get it together. I have to say though – I am quite impressed with how she is putting things together. I can see my passive aggressive, obsessive compulsiveContinue reading “Wedding Woes – The Mother of the Bride”

Let’s Talk Money – Fiscal Fitness

I don’t have any – but I do have a lot of great advice on how to make poor look pretty. This is the best advice I give anyone in regards to finances. First you need to determine your needs, vs your wants. How do you discover that cause we all need everything? Well ifContinue reading “Let’s Talk Money – Fiscal Fitness”

Deception is for Dickheads Men and Women Alike

I know that I come off as a man hating feminist – but in reality – I love me some men.  I just avoid them at all costs because let’s be real – most of y’all have RELATIONSHIP ADD I am tired of getting hurt – so unless you come 100% I don’t want ya!Continue reading “Deception is for Dickheads Men and Women Alike”

The Aftermath of Abuse~ the Whore Walk

I am going to get pretty real about my own life, and I know some of this might be like wow, but if you actually knew me in real life, none of this has part of my life has ever been hidden. The things you would think I should hide from the world, I findContinue reading “The Aftermath of Abuse~ the Whore Walk”

Fried Pecan Pie Danish – Easy Recipe

Yumminess This recipe is quite easy – and honestly universal, and it’s scrumptious. It is pretty basic. Take some bread and flatten out.  For most of my recipes I used Arnold’s breads.  Pretty much out of preference – but also because I prefer their grain breads over the rest.  Now this is their Oatnut Bread. Continue reading “Fried Pecan Pie Danish – Easy Recipe”

Running Game? You thought! My Relationship Revenge

Running Game Ever had someone who you were with that thought they were running game?  But you had already known – and in fact were running game every since you had found out? I am a reactive person.  So however you treat me – you are going to get it back. Now I know twoContinue reading “Running Game? You thought! My Relationship Revenge”