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Emanuel X

Born Emanuel Gamboa, Emanuel X was born in Trenton, New Jersey to a Puerto Rican mother and a Costa Rican father. His family moved to Pérez Zeledón, Costa Rica for three years when he was five years old, but after suffering several armed robberies in his home, Emanuel and his family moved back to the United States in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Networking in the Philadelphia music scene he has recorded songs in the same recording studios that Meek Mill, The Roots, and Erykah Badu have recorded at in The City of Brotherly Love. He has also recorded in the same studio where they did the strings on the song “Flashing Lights” by Kanye West. His passion for music developed at an early age and he pursued music seriously after he graduated high school. He made music as an outlet to tell his story because he felt like nobody could tell his perspective of the world better than he could from first hand experience. His music connects with people from all walks of life all across the globe, and has afforded him the opportunity to perform in many notable venues in his city of Philadelphia, New York City, Miami, and more. Emanuel’s work has been featured on Hot 97, HipHopDX, HipHopSince1987, Pigeons and Planes, Karen Civil, ELEVATOR, and countless other media outlets. Enter his world by streaming his music and be sure to follow him on all social media platforms for updates.

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Lil Yas WD

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Born Yasir Muhammad, Lil’Ya$ was born & raised in Newark, NJ to an African American Mother & An African American Muslim Father. But was mostly raised by his single mother & grandmother who raised him, his older sister, younger brother, & his younger female cousin who’s like a little sister to him & an older male cousin who was more like a big brother to him rather than a cousin. It was at the age of five that he been introduced to hip hop & other music cultures such as reggae, r&b, pop, jazz & old school music etc. Mostly from his older sister & some by his mother, or from his own discovery of music, & wrote his very first rap. He became a fan of hip hop when he first heard 2pac & DMX in which soon became two of his favorite rappers & idols. But it was the music of DMX that made Yas wanted to write & do music & take rap seriously. Growing up on the streets of Newark, life was rough but it really didn’t affect him that least until the afternoon of July 14, 1995. That was the day that changed everything, that was the day his older cousin, who he looked up to as a big brother, died in car accident, traumatizing him for life causing him to turn to the rough & dangerous streets & the bad crowd of people, out of anger & not caring about anything or anybody after that; accept for his or others people’s dogs in whom he considered to be his only friend(s) bc of the fact he never was really a people’s person & really didn’t have much friends at that age..especially ones that he could trust. His trust always was in a dog & that was the main reason he loved DMX so much & why X became his favorite rapper above Pac bc of his relation to the same things X rapped about & or have been through. Which took a big affect of Yas’s rap image & topic. Yas attended Madison Ave. Elementary School in Irvington, NJ from kindergarten to the fifth grade. & during his time in elementary school, Yas wrote countless raps & songs that may not have made sense but had his heart & soul put into them as he wrote them, going by the name “D-Dogg” at this time, meaning “Da Dogg”. & It was at this time he was still trying to catch his flow style bc even though he was rapping about dogs or being a dog he wanted to stand out differently than what DMX was & wanted a different flow from him, much like how Snoop Dogg was compared to DMX. & So he listened to many many artists & styles & genres of music. & one particular style he came across was the art of fast rapping in which he discovered from the group Bone Thugs N Harmony in which later became his favorite rappers or rap group as well. & so liking their flow style he studied & learned many of their songs just so he could get the rhythm of fast rapping down packed, in which he did, but at the same time still kept up with his gritty slow paced rapping as well. & from that moment on he wanted to become a recording artist so bad that it became his dream, but at this time he mainly wanted to be a “child rapper” much like Kriss Kross or later down the line, like Lil Bow Wow & Romeo. & of course that never happened bc he got older, but as he got older his passion for music got stronger & his skills got greater. Later in life at the age of eleven, Yas attended University Six for the sixth grade then later went next door to Myrtle Ave Middle School for seventh & eighth grade, in which there he gained his “popularity” or reputation from rapping & writing music. In which many of the kids didn’t or couldn’t do, all except for one dude, named Big Mike who was known around the school as the rapper of the school. & bc Big Mike heard about Yas’s skill in rapping, he exposed him in the halls one day to the school students crowded in the halls, but in a good way, yelling out to the crowd of students “Ayo y’all watch out here come Yasir!! The greatest rapper around!!” In which Yas couldn’t believe he said bc he looked up to Big Mike as the greatest rapper in school. & so bc of that many of the students were eager to hear what Yas had to say or rap about, & so he let them hear him all the time rapping verses he wrote at home or in his spare time & many of the students praised him for his skills & him & Big Mike became great friends & held down the reputation of be the best or most well known rappers in the school. On the flip side living on the block of Stuyvesant was a whole different ball game. Surrounded by gangs, drugs & violence, rapping wasn’t much of a thing to people when he got home from school each day. The friends or homies he had on his block was much more into violence & crime more than music, but they already knew about Yas & his skills & passion for music & respected it. It was just they couldn’t rap etc. so they was much more into being troublesome. & so bc of that Yas participated in many violent acts or illegal activities etc. along with these friends, so much that he became wilder & or braver than they was, to the point the O.G.s of the block, who at that time was hustling drugs & making money, had to check him & tell him “Yo you Wild dogg!! You need to calm down we tryna make money.” Bc of the fact they didn’t want their block no more hotter than it already was & with that being said, still being the wild person he is & who the O.G.s later became to respect bc of Yas’s bravery, loyalty, & violent intents, the name “Wilddogg” stuck with him but at this time only as a street name & not a rap name. It was later on that Yas decided to drop the name “D-Dogg” & change it to “Wilddogg” after the O.G.s spread the word around the hood about how good at rapping he was & it was bc of that, along with the karmic negativity he encountered personally that made him want to pursue music even harder. & so he did. Now going by the official rap name “Lil Ya$ Wilddogg” with the image of Wilddogg being horrifying all bc Michael Jackson’s thriller video encouraged him to take on the demonic image & add it to his dogg persona, he began writing more music but this time much more rhythmic than his past songs or verses, which elevated his rap skills to the Upmost. Years & years later Yas & his family (Mother & Brother) moved to South Carolina to get away from all the trouble & certain activities that surrounded them in NJ. & from there he later attended Wade Hampton High School, & that’s where he met who soon later became his best friend & business partner, David Bennett (Flawle$$) who was going by the nickname “Da-Da”, in class one day. Yas was writing music like he always have instead of paying attention in class & out the blew Da-Da spoke to him like “Yo wzup man, yo what you writing?” & eventually Yas told Da-Da he was writing a rap song. & almost instantly that got Da-Da’s attention in shock like “Yo you rap? I rap too.” & from there the rest was history between them two. They met up at Da-Da’s house after school & began working on music together & done so so much that they both literally almost got expelled from school for writing explicit lyrics in class. But they didn’t care bc even after getting in trouble, they found themselves doing it again & again all bc of their passion for music, later forming a rap group called “Dogg Pound” in which couldn’t last long bc of Snoop Dogg’s group DPGC. But with or without a group they still continued to do countless amounts of music together for yrs & yrs, like 15 yrs or more. It wasn’t til after high school that the two of them were able to officially record their music bc everybody slept on them & never wanted to record with them. & so they took matters into their own hands & invested in recording equipment & started to record & produce their own music together. In which benefitted them greatly. Bc the same ones that slept on them fell off but they kept rising through the struggle no matter what creating countless amount of hits after hits, day in & day out. & later opening the eyes of many others who doubted them. They later began to start their own business/record label, with Yas naming his “L.Y.E. Ent.” & “Wilddogg Recordz”, & Flawle$$ naming his “1st Quarter” & later added on “$ign Ya $elf ENT.” Generating an even more massive amount of hit songs & reputation around their town & neighborhood as well as over the web. They then, bc of them being slept on in the past, gave opportunities to others who have been slept on as well & allowed them to make hit songs in their studio under both their business name, signing these artists with them & adding them apart of the team. & they all can be found still to this day recording & making hit music all over YouTube & so forth. You can definitely find Ya$ & Flawle$$ on Facebook @Yas Muhammad & @David Bennett.
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Walter Green – aka Walle-G

Walter Green Born: November 23, 1996 Jacksonville,NC From: Jacksonville,NC

“I started rapping when I was 18 just to have an outlet to express myself along with having a love for music and wanting to make a career out of it. What makes me is seeing what’s going on around the world along with exploring new things and nature, that’s how I get inspiration to write my music. I rap about real life struggles that people can relate to, and I always make sure that there are messages in my music. Artists that have influenced me are Eminem, Hopsin, Lupe Fiasco, J Cole, Ab Soul, Royce Da 59, Yelawolf, G mo Skee, and Grizzy Hendrix.

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Mikee TakenFlight

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