DIY Wedding😍 We get it done

If you have been following me on Instagram then you know my baby girl is getting hitched.

Yep I may talk a lot of shit about men but I do believe in love as well and have taught my daughter to love abundantly. Well that bit me in the ass cause here she is getting married.

Well due to limited funds (thank God for this merger at work cause I scored some overtime or IDK hahaha), we are DIYing up over here.

I will say though even if we had money, we would still be DIYing our hearts out because it makes it special. You make not think so, but some of my best memories with my daughter is making stuff. We didn’t have cable when she was growing up, except in one apartment where it was included in the rent, but we were only able to stay there for 2 years. Well I’ve never really been a TV watching person anyways. Even when we had cable, we were at the community pool or tennis courts. We felt hella rich living there but to be honest the rent was low cause they were starting to get ran down. The neighborhood next to the apartments took a turn for some sketchy vibes so it flowed over into the apartments. That was also temporary too. Someone bought the apartment complex and redid it, the reason we got to move in, was also the reason we had to move out. After the new company bought the apartments and the lease came due, the rent went up.

We stayed for another year after that, struggling more and more each month. Then the ex~husband moved out and then of course once the lease was up, my kid and I had no choice but to move.

Something, unfortunately, I had done that quite a bit to my princess. I will say though, she gained a lot of friends along the way, so not all bad.

Anyways how did we even get there πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚and no I am not gonna edit. I have openly discussed that my stories will bounce but how else are u gonna understand if you don’t know a little background? I know it’s a good question.


Anyways back to DIY with my kiddo. Listen y’all I was both a father and mother at times, she as well played daughter and son. She loves both Mudd and water. She is both sun and moon. She had a universal, fluid spirit. She gets a lot of good from her father too. He is the hammer to our free spirits.

Him and I have been divorced for a very long time, but I see his grounded behavior in her. Which God knows that’s a good thing cause Momma in her younger days was quite the handful. I was young, raising a kid, in a chaotic world. Judge me if you wish but no one is perfect. You know more at 37 than 27. More at 27 than 20. And a lot more at 20 than you do at 18.

One thing that a young poor, hardworking woman loves doing though? Creating something grand out of very little. And if you were to ask my baby girl, momma pretty good at that.

I can’t tell you how much stuff we have made over the years. See there are benefits to being poor. When u have very little money for gifts, mom’s often buy that 5.00 craft kits from Walmart. For me, those kits were a 3 fold gift.

1. Christmas gift, and often times the boxes are big, fill the tree nicely.

2. They have the benefits of their work afterwords. Bracelets, purses, pictures, shirts, etc.

3. It gave us something to do together. I know right now she doesn’t understand how much that time meant to me but they are some of the best times ever.

I have always encouraged her in her arts, crafts or whatever creative outlet she wished. Something all parents really should do. Expressive outlets help children cope with life and God knows, if there was ever a time that children need something as an outlet cause the world done lost it’s mind.

We would turn up the radio, sing while she would color, create, build.

And I have to say when she showed me the jars she made the other day I was like well dam look at my baby with her little crafty self. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

We may financially struggle but we make do. And we paint our lives beautiful. I guess that is why she had no concerns with only 3 weeks to plan. Cause you know Momma got you baby 😘😘😘😘😘

Homemade is beautiful 😘😘😘

Pic by me the bouquets for the wedding and the boutonnieres. 😘😘😘


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